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A few gifts that Santa forgot

Posted: Sunday, December 26, 2010

We've rooted around in the discarded wrapping paper and poked around in the empty boxes with no luck.


It seems that once again there are a handful of gifts that Santa forgot:

* For Georgia's Legislature: Humility. There is an inherent danger of corruption for those who gain absolute power.

Republican control of all three branches of state government continues to grow. If they fail to show the restraint required to properly manage that power, they will suffer the same power-warped fall as their predecessors who, at one time, also assumed their rule was permanent.

* For Columbia County commissioners: Restraint. Yes, our taxes are relatively low. Yes, a still-growing population demands more services. But a combination of the foreclosure boom and an influx of cut-rate construction has taken the wind out of the sails of the housing market.

It's not enough to point out that the county's current major construction projects are funded by sales taxes. Commissioners need to remember that, once built, those facilities have to be staffed and maintained with money from property taxes.

* For the Columbia County Board of Education: A smooth start to the Kristi Baker era. We aren't cynical enough to believe that trustees have been rushing headlong to approve major future changes before Mickie Blackburn's replacement takes office, but it sure feels that way.

Why else the rush to approve a middle-school sports policy that doesn't take effect for nearly a year, and a school calendar that doesn't take effect for two years?

* For the residents of Commission District 4, a resolution to the investigation involving commissioner Scott Dean. Hang him or exonerate him, but bring closure either way - not just for the district, but for the beleaguered Dean family.

Lastly, for all in Columbia County: A very happy and prosperous new year.


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