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Harlem searching to fill new position

Posted: Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Harlem officials are looking for someone to fill a newly created position: assistant city manager.


Applications are being accepted through Friday.

"This person will be here learning all about how the city operates, the day-to-day operations," City Manager Jean Dove said. "As the city grows, we have more projects and more regulations that we have to follow. This (employee) will be helping in that capacity."

The assistant city manager position replaces the city operations manager job, formerly held by Robert Fields. Fields worked as operations manager, handling Public Works and administrative duties, Dove said.

When former Public Works Director Daniel Cason was put on paid leave in 2008 amid accusations of Clean Water Act violations, Fields also served as interim director. He took over the position permanently when Cason resigned in May.

City officials opted to redesign the job description, focusing it more on administrative functions and to assist and fill in for Dove.

"She just can't do everything that she needs to do," Mayor Bobby Culpepper said. "She needs some help with the day-to-day operations."

An assistant city manager also helps relieve the city's dependence on Dove for daily city operations and to ease her workload, which has grown exponentially in recent years.

"It will also free up some of my time to be working in some other areas with some plans the city has going on now," Dove said. "It definitely will be a positive move for the city to keep us moving forward and progressing."

Final decisions on the salary for the new position haven't been made, Culpepper said. City officials will look at applicant qualifications and determine a salary offer during negotiations with the applicant chosen for the job.

Dove said the city's Administrative Committee will review applications, narrow the applicants and begin the interview process before recommending someone for the position.


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