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Failing to say "Merry Christmas" will erode meaning of holiday

Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Re Barry Paschal's Dec. 16 column, "Christmas is still a holiday":

The "war on Christmas" is a masquerade; it's really a "war against Christianity" to eliminate its moral influence from our society through political correctness and judicial means.

To say that we should not get so wrapped up in what we call a holiday is misleading, because in doing so we eventually forget what we are celebrating and its original intent by replacing it with what is politically or economically expedient at the time.

Just imagine what would happen if you decided to say something nice to everyone that you meet such as, "I admire you because you are such a gay person." Look out; you might not like their response. Why? Because we have changed a word's original meaning over time to mean something else. By not saying "Merry Christmas," we are doing the same thing.

Why aren't the churches and Christians speaking out on this movement to eliminate our Christian holiday that seeks to bring good tidings to all and peace on Earth? Remember, people of faith are the protectors of freedom, and America is the only nation on Earth that was founded on the Christian belief that a "creator" exists. That's why we no longer are slaves to other men.

If the Christian-professing churches choose to remain silent about the Christmas holiday, then soon they will also lose their freedom to practice their religion. In addition, God himself will spew them out of his mouth for being neither hot nor cold as the true meaning of Christmas is forgotten.

Will Fischer


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