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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris Evans Construction Co. Inc. to Homes For Our Troops Inc., 202 Ansley Way, $32,000.


RT Bailey Construction Inc. to Winchester Home Builders Inc., 310 Palamon Drive, $41,963.

Ivey Residential LLC to Horatio J. Forbes Jr. and Lois P. Forbes, 3101 Amberley Trail, $271,312.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Alonzo Willie Butler, 2844 Ferret Court, $82,000.

David A. Wall to Anita B. Curtis, 405 Snead Way, $140,000.

RC4K LLC to David R. Wenger, 4678 Cutter Mill Road, $95,900.

First Choice Homebuilders LLC to Marlon T. Mallory, 4829 High Meadows Drive, $194,000.

All Weathers Construction Co. LLC to Jason Ballard, 4833 High Meadows Drive, $200,000.

Kisha Warr to A. Vincent Brawley and Leanna O. Brawley, 423 Manly Way, $180,000.

Andrew M. Bellagamba to Qi Zheng and Yan M. Liu, 1128 Hunters Cove, $235,000.

Billy R. Black Jr. to David D. Keck, 237 Calloway Drive, $195,700.

Merle G. Clayton to Billy R. Black Jr. and Amy E. Black, 1346 Shadow Oak Drive, $210,500.

Tiara L. Fluellenn to Jerry M. Butler, 399 Parliament Road, $9,000.

Tavis L. Fluellen to Jerry M. Butler, 399 Parliament Road, $9,000.

M-Homeubilders to BT Lot 49 LLC, 209 Minchew Lane, $515,525.

BT Lot 49 LLC to M-Homebuilders LLC, 1857 Champions Circle, $215,000.

Fannie Mae to Michael Guy Fogg, 4750 Brookgreen Road, $159,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Michelle L. Neely, 535 Hunterdale Road, $125,500.

Chase Home Finance to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 359 Candlestick Way, $113,247.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 104 Ginkgo Lane, $73,589.

Frank R. Long to William Quinn, 876 Chase Road, $195,000.

Bartram Agora LLC to Robert D. Nelson and Miriam B. Nelson, 1052 Kalmia Circle, $294,000.

Christina M. Civitarese to Tiffany L Pate, 538 Edgecliff Lane, $92,500.

Judith W. Kuhlke to John H. Dowdy Jr. and Rhonda S. Dowdy, 117 Springlakes Circle, $220,000.

Sandi J. Clark to Jason T. Rogers, 689 Rye Hill Drive, $173,600.

Maples Development LLC to Thelma Gilchrist, 1008 Barrett Drive, $225,000.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Charles D. Ellison and Linda J. Rucker, 491 Marble Falls, $169,900.

PDH Builders Inc. to Thomas G. Henry and Alice Henry, 445 Buxton Lane, $365,000.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Crystal M. Worley, 504 Capstone Way, $159,900.

John E. Marcus to Robert A. Miller III, 4769 Brookwood Drive, $88,900.

M-Homebuilders to Randall M. Meredith and Jennifer W. Meredith, 1857 Champions Circle, $235,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ronda Kinner, 3632 Devaney Lane, $81,500.

Park Ridge Builders Inc. to Robert W. Jackson III and Nakesha J. Hargrove, 1610 Sweet Meadow Lane, $184,900.

Winchester Home Builders Inc. to Tracey D. Brunson, 304 Palamon Drive, $194,900.

RT Bailey Construction Inc. to Larry P. Dubois and April Kozlowski, 350 Connor Circle, $169,600.

Ryan A. Schmidt to Kenneth Williams Jr., 436 Madison St., $134,000.

Robert H. Justice to Gary D. Porterfield, 941 Mitchell Lane, $235,000.

JJ and Z Builders LLC to Barinowski Investment Company LP, 314 High Meadows Place, $117,850.

John D. Vieke to Randal L. Prickett, 1015 Camden Way, $203,000.

Michael Alan Wiltse to Michael J. Welker, 4126 Knollcrest Circle N., $248,000.

First of Steel Mountain Capital II LLC to David C. Cottrell and Sonora B. Cottrell, 818 Stoneview Drive, $143,900.

Richard J. Smith to Nicholas K. Hunn, 4018 Rosedale Place, $139,900.

William S. Robson to Devesh R. Patel and Mukti Patel, 602 Medinah Drive, $500,000.

C.E. Daniels Sr. to Ruben A. Moreno and Elena Moreno, 2700 Summit Ridge, $250,000.

Faircloth Homes Inc. to Duncan K. Stewart III, 1621 Sweet Meadow Lane, $182,000.

Faircloth Homes Inc. to Brian J. Munoz and Heather L. Munoz, 1630 Sweet Meadow Lane, $180,000.

Faircloth Homes Inc. to Kelvin D. Andrews and Alicia M. Andrews, 842 Tyler Woods Drive, $185,000.

Dana P. Callaway to Jay N. Bates Jr., 415 Headgate Drive, $105,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Robert Grzeskiewicz, 403 New Haven Court, $75,000.

Kevin J. Holmes to Jack G. Withuhn and Betty L. Witthuhn, 138 Pauline St., $27,500.

Donald A. Denard to David C. Beals, 464 Windtree Place, $153,900.

Victor A. Watzlavikcq to James Mrogikcq, 7272 Moontown Road, $218,000.

High Meadows Group LLC to JJ & Z Builders LLC, 731 Gallaway Lane, $38,000.

R. Jefferson Hogland Jr. to Kent D. Brickman and Lori A. Brickman, 2046 Summerton Circle, $153,300.

Jeffrey W. Vaughan, Executer under the Will of Richard W. Vaughan to Susan H. Hodge, 3467 Stallings Island Road, $149,900.


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