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A poem for Easter Sunday: 'Three Days - Three Words'

Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2009

The end came about three that day,


when his life, they did put away;

the depth of sin so great in heart,

we've never been so far apart.

From the truth of all that's good,

the "Light of Life," misunderstood;

stood before the world to say,

come home with me, this very day.

An open door to all who dared,

to put their faith in he who cared;

who entered life with but one goal,

to save his life? No -- to save your soul!

Many heard his words so true,

hearts filled with joy, the bond renewed;

embraced the man who brought us near,

the true beauty of life, lost in our fear.

But others had another vision,

to keep us locked in lies dark prison;

to say there's love from up above,

this man must die, this lonesome dove.

We'll get the crowd to state our choice,

so many here, can't hear God's voice;

they'll scream "the cross" for this great son,

not God's will, but ours be done.

And on the cross that very day,

the earth's last hope, they put away;

evil triumphs over good,

what say you now, his brotherhood?

For now you scatter, and hide you must,

you made your choice, in him you trust;

and he can't help you lying there,

in burial chamber, borrowed, bare.

So hide from us as best you can,

he said he was 'God,' we proved him man!

but on the third day, at daybreak's light,

the world took wing on heavenly flight.

For all their work had gone for naught,

what scripture foretold, our fathers taught;

now freedom rings from earth's dark prison,

from these three words: "He is risen."

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