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Senior finds gratification in working to help others

Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2007

From a family of caregivers has emerged a giver himself.


Zack Herzwurm, an Augusta Christian Schools senior, said he plans to follow both his mother and father into the medical field after graduation in May.

"Both of them have definitely been a major influence, especially my dad," said Zack of parents Drs. Paul and Sandra Herzwurm of Evans. Dad is an orthopedic surgeon and mom is a pediatrician.

"I would go to work with my dad during the summer and on Fridays, and it was great seeing the bright, smiling faces of his patients," said Zack, who wants to be an orthopedic surgeon. "It's great seeing how he takes care of them. A lot of success can be produced and I think you get more satisfaction out of helping better people's lives. Plus, it's a huge opportunity to share the Christian testimony."

Keith Walton, Zack's football coach at ACS, said his student is passionate about his relationship with Christ.

"That passion carries over to his relationships with family and friends," said Walton. "He always has a smile on his face and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He really has a servant's heart."

Serving others is exactly what Zack desires most. His hope is to obtain an undergraduate degree in biology and then go to medical school.

With graduation looming, Zack is looking to the future. But, a student at ACS since he was in kindergarten, Zack also is looking back.

"It's coming around fast," he said of the end of his time at Augusta Christian. "I have mixed emotions. It's cool knowing that I have so many future steps ahead of me and knowing that I've accomplished so much here. But, this is the last year with some of my best friends that I've had since the early years."

A Lion through and through -- he was on both the football and basketball teams all four of his high school years -- Zack said he has been blessed with good friends and great memories of his years at Augusta Christian. However, he also is looking ahead.

"I've applied to several major universities and I'm just waiting to hear from them," said Zack, a member of Warren Baptist Church. "I've applied to the University of North Carolina and the University of Georgia, which is my first choice."

Zack has few doubts about what his future holds. It is his strong faith that has solidified his determination to succeed as an orthopedic surgeon. And he says he's leaving it in God's hands as to where his future life will lead him.

"You've got to wonder what God's plans are," he said. "It would be a joy to work with my father, but I might be led to another city or state."

Zack said his father's work ethic has been an inspiration.

"His work ethic and the adversities he's had to rise above to get where he is have inspired me," he said.

"My father is just an amazing man who has always been there for me. He respects his patients, and they respect him. There's no greater joy than knowing when you do your best, it's going to be a good result."


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