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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, July 23, 2006

Anthony Warren to Roy David Powell, 318 Sugarcreek Drive, $177,000.


Daniel R. Durden to Jennifer R. Bessman, 4391 Sandy Ridge Place, $117,900.

Richard A. Harris to Tully Homebuilders LLC, 1048 Emerald Place, $63,579.

R.L. Hayes Construction Inc. to Michael James Parnell, 646 Butler Springs Circle, $149,000.

David J. Horn to Gregory A. Mason and Jonelle A. Mason, 406 Sandleton Way, $219,900.

Willie A. Thomas to Sharon Jones, 1166 Claridge Trail, $175,000.

James S. Mitchell to Steven Boshears and Michelle Boshears, 108 Harvestwood Drive, $79,900.

JJ and Z Builders LLC to Matthew R. Palfy, 910 Woody Hill Circle, $261,170.

Robert J. Scott to Johnathan S. May, 430 Belglade Road, $111,500.

Wayne L. Stolzfus to Eduardo J. Stincer and Leisa A. Stincer, 1365 Waterston Drive, $388,000.

Steven R. Uhles to Matthew D. Post and Mandy Georgia Post, 312 Timberidge Drive, $140,000.

Sandra K. Phelps to Shannon M. Smith, 102 Old Thomson Road, $112,500.

Shuron Hall to National Transfer Services LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Co., 4181 Bridlewood Trail, $147,000.

National Transfer Services LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Co. to Nancy L. Good and Arlene G. Mitchell, 4181 Bridlewood Trail, $147,000.

Jamie Hahn to William M. Shaw and V. Virginia Shaw as co-trustees, 4578 Country Glen, $130,000.

Jerry L. Studer to Richard W. Pope, 488 Cedric Way, $377,000.

Andrew Dale Morgan to James A. Robertson Sr. and Francoise M. Robertson, 861 Hamilton Court, $212,000.

Ivey residential LLC to Stephanie J. Sidow, 423 Armstrong Way, $338,900.

Gloris T. Gordon to Shashidhar Subbanna, 3509 Granite Way, $550,000.

Rhonda J. Dent to James Marshall and Rose Marie Marshall, 117 Ginkgo Lane, $87,000.

Layman Custom Homes Co. to Joseph W. Edge III and Dianna M. Edge, 1050 Emerald Place, $539,900.

January E. Underwood to Elbert L. Russell and Katherine W. Russell, 4478 Galway Drive, $117,000.

George S. George to Rhonda D. Correia and Christopher P. Correia, 1346 Wendell Lane, $165,000.

Kenny W. Durden Jr. to Dennis A. Turner, 4293 Triangle Industrial Drive, $45,000.

Nancy Saxon Wiliams aka Nancy A. Williams as executrix of the estate of Winton Gibbs Saxon to Renee H. Finley, 3698 Locks Hill, $249,900.

Ernie Blackburn Homebuilders LLC to Gina H. Weeks and Larry T. Weeks, 201 Dixon Court, $395,000.

Archway Builders Inc. to Mary R. Adcock, 2505 Grier Circle, $199,900.

GB Development LLC to Charles M. Haigler and Rebecca M. Haigler, 504 Edgecliff Lane, $88,000.

J. Porter Adams Construction Co. to Jonathan Adams and Mary Margaret Adams, 2114 Magnolia Parkway, $164,700.

Pamela Marie Smith to Drew Onkst and Grace Onkst, 922 Sawbuck Way, $157,000.

B.E.C. Custom Homes and Development Inc. to Luke M. Stapleton and Hilda V. Stapleton, 3669 Foxfire Place, $559,100.

Dennis P. Hoese to Stephen P. Jernigan and Shelly Jernigan, 378 Sandleton Way, $214,900.

Mary S. Champagne to Tamara Hicks, 4733 Park Ridge Court, $214,000.

GB Development LLC to William Gary Garrison and Deborah H. Garrison 550 Edgecliff Lane, $88,000.

J. Porter Adams Construction Co. to Tanya L. Arceneaux, 622 Butler Springs Court, $172,400.

C and R Builders Inc. to Sarah A. Blanding, 803 Brighton Court, $237,050.

Shawn H. Wilson to Mikell B. Dodd and Stacey M. Dodd, 4142 Fox Brush Drive, $197,400.

Jawahar L. Kukreja to Denise N. Karp, 3820 Inverness Way, $395,000.

Robert J. Heier Jr. to Lori Paige Pack, 4588 Mulberry Creek Drive, $219,000.

Joseph B. Harrell III to Leonard R. Fabiano, 1630 Swint Road, $98,000.

Roger Tant to Jose A. Nuques and Jordan B. Nuques, 467 Baker Woods Trail, $234,900.

Wayne Collins to Thomas A. Wood Jr. and Scottie L. Russell, 2547 Misty Road, $115,000.

Christopher M. Thomas to Deborah C. Thomas, 2024 Silver Run Falls, $165,500.

Sean P. McCafferty to Larry W. Norred Jr., 4880 Orchard Hill Drive, $170,000.

Keith E. Watson to Robert E. Lynch, 816 Brookfield Parkway, $124,000.

Michael R. Spurrier to David C. McMichael, 1836 Long Creek Falls, $196,900.

John P. Schofield individually and as executor of the James Webb Schofield estate to Marion Bookhart, 4326 Bahama Lane, $105,000.

David J. Jurek to Alvin L. Barney, 4237 Aerie Circle, $219,000.

Thomas M. Wilson dba Wilson Home Builders to James K. Bell Jr. and Lizabeth Ann Bell, 514 Fort Augusta St., $420,000.

Purko Builders Inc. to Robert D. Peel Jr. and Olivia B. Peel, 367 Bowen Falls, $87,000.

Christopher J. Bruce to Eloisae D. Patterson and Michael B. Patterson, 4440 Oak Road, $105,000.

Cecil Nixon Jr. to Gabrielle Moore, 220 Taylor Circle, $148,000.

Joshua J. Conner to Adam M. Smith, 447 Amelia Drive East, $141,500.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Mario Bilbao and Ilka Bilbao, 1242 Creek Bend Drive, $185,300.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Deirdre L. Cummings, 303 Niagara Falls, $157,900.

Jonathan Walker to Mark G. Arold and Karen A. Arold, 4464 Cape Cod Drive, $325,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Petra Smith, 707 Wickham Drive, $180,100.

Augusta I-20 Investors LLC to Freetech Inc. dba Freedom Technologies, 725 Horizon South Parkway, $925,000.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Perry D. Yarboro, 710 Harrison Drive, $272,900.

Victor Homes Inc. to George R. Prickett, 1141 Brighton Drive, $234,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Jeffrey K. Ballard and Lisa K. Ballard, 704 Wickham Drive, $179,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Jamie Hahn, 4616 Country Glen Circle, $164,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Tracy A. Lewis and Benjamin F. Lewis Jr., 1240 Creek Bend Drive, $181,900.

Brian G. Bentley to Bethany Oxford, 347 Lamplighter Drive, $119,000.

Jason McCartney to Pamela L. Beecham, 4131 Fox Brush, $191,000.

Herbert Homes Inc. to Karina S. Sun, 1313 Highwoods Pass, $204,200.


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