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Property Transfers

Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2006

J. Porter Adams Construction Co. to Nelky O. Thompson, 2104 Magnolia Parkway, $182,400.


GB Development LLC to Garrett Steele, 529 Edgecliff Lane, $86,430.

GB Development LLC to Katherine L. West, 515 Edgecliff Lane, $85,900.

GB Development LLC to Christine M. Civitarese, 538 Edgecliff Lane, $85,900.

Wayne Hodges to Kimberly C. Hodge and Brian F. Hodge, 1360 Montrose Place, $225,000.

Pennilyn Fletcher to Gerilyn B. Keyser and Marcus H. Blanchard, 6921 Cottonwood Drive, $242,500.

Troy Kimsey and Bethany Kimsey to Kale Gray, 796 Locks Way, $252,000.

Pierwood Construction Co. to Mohammad B. Hasan, 635 Surrey Lane, $257,900.

Patricia R. Cornette and Scott S. Cornette to Michael T. NiHill Jr., 1122 Village Court, $246,900.

Andre Taylor and Yvette R. Taylor to Gary C. Williams, 1081 Severn Hill Circle, $183,500.

Mohammad Ismail Mansaray to Anar Maurya and Viabhav Maurya, 5780 Carriage Hills Drive, $210,000.

Herbert Homes Inc. to Willmon Frasier Jr. and Kim Frasier, 1300 Highwoods Pass, $246,600.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Jeremiah L. Ormes, 1245 Creek Bend Drive, $161,500.

Laura J. Ashline to Aaron L. Baker, 317 Forest Court, $45,000.

Adam L. Simpson to R. Brent Rhoden and Andrea F. Rhoden, 2298 William Few Parkway, $475,000.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Kevin Kilchenstein and Marjorie R. Kilchenstein, 242 Oleander Trail, $266,754.

George A. Sandlin to Gary L. Stein and Karen Stein, 4116 Clinton Way East, $138,900.

Anthony Lamons to Darlene A. Goodwin, 581 Jackson St., $122,000.

Kiel O. Shaw to Kenneth Wallace and Kerstin Wallace, 7650 Pleasantville Way, $147,000.

Vivian M. Ashline to David E. McCready, 500 Wendover Way, $109,251.

Premier Capital Management LLC to Donald J. Rogers, 4421 Sapelo Road, $1.

Franklin K. Page to Carl D. Hasenmyer, 802 Creeks Edge Court, $79,000.

Vowell Custom Homes LLC to Anupam Sharma, 4130 Shady Oaks Drive, $61,250.

George Anthony McDonald to John P. Hughey and Pamela J. Hughey, 6202 Independence Way, $196,000.

Kenneth L. Rumsey to Shali Zhang, 331 Habersham Court, $165,000.

Nordahl Development West Inc. to Nordahl Homes West Inc., 568 Cranberry Circle, $24,000.

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Aprilrella Phillips, 568 Cranberry Circle, $162,000.

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Jennifer S. Ellis, 612 Creek Bottom Trail, $146,900.

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Nicholas Capps, 613 Creek Bottom Trail, $139,583.

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Matthew P. Meadows, 608 Creek Bottom Trail, $131,900.

Nordahl Development West Inc. to Nordahl Homes West Inc., 600 Creek Bottom Trail, $24,000.

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Rosalyn J. Grayson, 600 Creek Bottom Trail, $158,900.

Trotter Builders Inc. to William E. Watson, Barbara H. Watson and Eli M. Bizzard, 206 Whitworth Drive, $190,000.

Holmes Construction and Development Co. Inc. to Jeffery L. Leathers and Theresa N. Leathers, 702 Graves End Court, $338,112.

Pierwood Construction Co. to Nicholas A. Steffano and Julia A. Steffano, 1303 Wickham Court, $196,483.

Christopher S. Kaigler to James W. Quick and Mary Ellen Quick, 1323 Wendell Lane, $174,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Alicia J. Caudle, 719 Harrison Drive, $232,500.

Karl Klein to Lance P. Ellis and Kate F. Ellis, 6394 Harlem-Grovetown Road, $219,000.

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Michael J. Kraft, 1143 Indian Springs Trail, $241,500.

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Robert K. Welton and Patricia W. Welton, 1329 Highwoods Pass, $226,300.

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Shane C. Goss and Jennifer L. Goss, 1328 Highwoods Drive, $228,500.

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Jarvise V. Fields, 503 Indian Springs Pass, $220,000.

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Larry W. Coggins and Connie T. Coggins, 1324 Highwoods Pass, $238,000.

Toxey M. Smith LLC to William F. Hilley and Leila M. Hilley, 700 Cavanaugh Lane, $255,191.

Vickie L. Neupert to Davis A. Bales, 1625 Old Appling-Harlem Highway, $63,000.

Dana N. Caudill to Demica N. Jackson, 4718 Dursey Drive, $89,000.

Donald E. Kruzinski to Gary O. Macky, 25 Woodbridge Circle, $325,000.

Crozier Construction Inc. to Billy Joe White and Michele S. White, 412 Urial Drive, $131,900.

Ivey Residential LLC to Herbert D. Washburn and Bonnie F. Washburn, 419 Armstrong Way, $349,000.

Ivey Residential LLC to Kevin S. Tracey Ind. and the trustee of the Kevin S. Tracy Trust, 1116 Hunters Cove, $245,955.

Keith L. Dykes to Charles Grooters and Melissa Grooters, 549 Crystal Creek E., $154,900.

Downeast Homebuilders Inc. to William F. Grayson and Phyllis A. Grayson, 634 Ventana Drive, $189,693.

Gary O. Macky to Larry M. Clarkson and Judy R. Clarkson, 3575 Pebble Beach Circle, $299,000.

David M. Thompson to Guy H. Bass and Llona H. Bass, 4373 Fernbrook Crossing, $303,000.

Ivey Residential LLC to Paul J. Ciccione and Gail E. Ciccione, 2001 Amberley Drive, $250,340.

Ivey Residential LLC to Andrea Whatley and John Whatley, 2003 Amberley Drive, $214,650.

Crozier Construction Inc. to Mack C. Johnson and Mary E. Johnson, 410 Urial Drive, $131,900.

R.L. Hayes Construction Inc. to David J. Honea and Jennifer Denise Honea, 653 Butler Springs Circle, $158,900.

Chamblin Ridge Keystone LLC to Erin Marie Muller and Christopher J. Mezzetti, 1224 Pinnacle Drive, $153,360.

Larry F. Olinger to Ronald C. Hummel, 4717 Wildwood Drive, $200,000.

Nassau Development Inc. to Timothy J. Biega and Tamara L. Biega, 905 Bartram Ridge, $479,900.

Ivey Residential LLC to Tom C.C. Hu, 1111 Hunters Cove, $234,880.

Clayton Rollins to Katherine A. Hilly, 1949 Shoreline Drive, $151,000.

Jerry E. Moran to Yuipeng Tam, 3718 Clark Crossing, $240,000.


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