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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, March 19, 2006

H.S. Homebuilders Inc. to K.G. Jan Pillai and Sarada J. Pillai, 440 Congressional Court, $410,000.

Jonathan P. Williams to Donnie K. Rish and Deborah S. Rish, 624 Kingston Road, $225,000.

G.B. Development LLC to Tony A. Thompson, 518 Edgecliff Lane, $86,900.

Allie M. Scroggs to Ronald Young, 620 Hillcrest St., $25,000.

Edward L. Scroggs to Ronald Young, 620 Hillcrest St., $25,000.

Harris Ridge LLC to Jason A. Bradford, 1631 Bradley Way, $85,900.

Sunil K. Joshi to Jean N. Ritchie, 217 Nicklaus Court, $158,000.

Bobby Bartow Jr. to Sunil K. Joshi and Ratan M. Joshi, 1033 Hampstead Place, $290,000.

Ruby N. Garrard to Timothy A. Gobel and Denise Mitchell, 6088 King's Way, $45,000.

Charles Evans Stores Inc. to Brenda P. Dansby, 217 High Point Way, $80,000.

Helen McVicker to Elizabeth M. Chao, Robert Lee Martin and Mary Ann D. Martin, 2002 Shoreline Drive, $112,900.

Chris Evans Construction Co. Inc. to Brian Richard Melford and Danielle Melford, 619 Cornerstone Place, $221,000.

Brian Richard Melford to Kristi L. Lollis, 2048 Sylvan Lake Drive, $117,500.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Jason R. Cody, 4588 Country Glen Circle, $157,900.

Melanie Brower to Christina E. Loggia, 4682 Brookwood Lane, $82,900.

T and P LLC to Victor Homes Inc., 1154 Brighton Drive, $31,500.

T and P LLC to Victor Homes Inc., 1152 Brighton Drive, $31,500.

T and P LLC to Victor Homes Inc., 1145 Brighton Drive, $31,500.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Charles Whitfield and Deloise Whitfield, 612 Archard Drive, $252,900.

Regis Development Co. to Vincent L. Phillips and Laura W. Phillips, 6599 Reservoir Road, $69,900.

Subodh Chandler Shourie to Chad Emery Ellis, 239 Cavalier Court, $115,900.

Carlos C. Tan to Monsingh G. Udhwani and Deepsaran Udhwani, 21 Winged Foot Drive, $1,050,000.

Nancy S. Snyder to Cendant Mobility Relocation Co., 4844 Orchard Hill Drive, $167,000.

Cendant Mobility Relocation Co. to Warner H. O'Dell and Jeanette I. O'Dell, 4844 Orchard Hill Drive, $167,000.

Herman Heaton to Derek G. Miller and Carey E. Miller, 238 Watervale Road, $216,000.

Barbara McCall to Travis Foust, trustee of the Wexford Court Residential Land Trust, 433 Wexford Court, $257,300.

Benjamin J. Thompkins Sr. to Ethel N. Paragas and Francisco Paragas, 447 Congressional Court, $479,830.

Aaron W. Heflin to Sabrina D. Labord-Smalls, 113 Tyler St., $146,000.

Deborah A. Tonini to Weixian Li, 4032 Dowling Drive, $175,000.

Chris Tanner et al. to Shavonne W. Garrett, 6210 Freedom Circle, $206,000.

Northlake Keystone LLC to Brian L. Martin and Angela G. Martin, 300 Harlem-Grovetown Road, $152,900.

Northlake Keystone LLC to Brandi A. Schuyler, 1013 Parkridge Drive, $224,400.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Metro Land Associates LLC, 213 Oleander Trail, $200,000.

Lance C. Erickson to Nina Eastman, 4254 Waylon Drive, $127,000.

Kurt Vintson Contruction Inc. to Jerry Horn and Carol Horn, 3732 Knob Hill Farm Road, $389,000.

Steven D. Roth to Karen Denise Williamson, William Anthony Williamson and Mary L. Williamson, 4699 Red Leaf Way, $137,500.

Andrew S. Gorman to Danny L. Cockrell and Becky D. Cockrell, 4652 Hickory Drive, $258,900.

James N. Kirr to Steven W. Cotton and Susan F. Cotton, 4252 Riverside Drive, $364,000.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Brian A. Diehl and Cathleen J. Diehl, 235 Oleander Trail, $301,400.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Timothy N. Hardin, 2004 Lake Forest Drive, $183,500.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Michael J. Hanna and Brenda L. Hanna, 614 Archard Drive, $258,900.

Lee E. Woodhams to Wayne Hodges and Elizabeth S. Hodges, 153 Misty Woods Drive, $194,500.

J. Scott Badgley to W.S.G. of America LLC, 4674 Washington Road, $350,000.

J. Scott Badgley to W.S.G. of America LLC, 7420 Washington Road, $275,000.

A.R.A. Development Inc. to Snelling Properties LLP, 3728 Executive Center Drive, $235,000.

Homes With Merritt Inc. to Kenneth Braswell, 2553 Grier Circle, $236,000.

David R. Blessing to Ernie Blackburn, 4078 Briarwood Court, $58,912.

E.M.C. Mortgage Corp. to Udo Jaeger and Kim Jaeger, 4533 Bellingham Court, $240,000.

G.B. Development LLC to William D. Anderson, 522 Edgecliff Lane, $86,900.

G.B. Development LLC to Haley M. Hobbs, 511 Edgecliff Lane, $86,607.

Charles R. Griffin to Michael Zapata, 4092 Business Park Court, $160,000.

Kimberly Ann Jaeger fka Luckey to Frank E. Pickelsimer and Laura E. Pickelsimer, 2144 Oak Ridge Road, $84,000.

Herbert Claude Gilliam to Violet A. Aldridge, 658 Apostolic Drive, $199,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Peter Chew, 5106 Wells Drive, $259,900.

Debbie Bourne to Preston S. Duffie, 3513 Stardust Drive, $102,900.

Meybohm Realty Inc. to R.L. Hayes Construction Inc., 241 Hot Springs Drive, $15,000.


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