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I-20 getting a new weigh station

Posted: Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The goal of the new weigh station on Interstate 20 is simple: to have sophisticated enough technology that trucks don't have to stop there.

Under construction for the past two months, the weigh station will eventually feature an entire automatic vehicle identification system, AVI for short, that tracks trucks on the roadways through signals rather than forcing their drivers to stop on every occasion.

Work on the weigh stations has now shifted to the westbound side of I-20. A lane closure there is set from Sept. 12-23 so crews can install drains that remove excess water on I-20, as well as build up a new ramp and fit it with the pavement.

Kyle Baxley, a construction project engineer for the Georgia Department of Transportation, said the closure will affect the right lane in front of the weigh station construction for 24 hours a day during that time frame.

"After that, we don't know exactly when there will be lane closures, but there may need to be some more to get the work done," he said.

Baxley said the AVI system being installed functions in the same way NASCAR's monitors can pull up information on its race cars - showing where the vehicle has been and how long its traveled on the road.

If there's a problem, the vehicle is reported to the Georgia State Patrol, which can easily locate it.

The weigh station also is being equipped with eye detectors and land motion scales, two standard technological devices for monitoring trucks.

"The existing weigh station was really 20 years old and starting to fall apart," Baxley said. "This project is to bring it up to date and make some upgrades."

The total cost of the work is about $13.5 million split between state and federally allocated money.

As far as the physical layout of the station, Baxley said the eastbound and westbound sides will each house three adjacent buildings for storage, inspections and operations.

So far, workers from APAC Construction, the firm tapped to construct the weigh station, have finished the eastbound side work and must now work on the westbound side.

The scheduled completion date is February, which Baxley says is probably doable.


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