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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2005

Riverwood Land LLC to Scott K. Madaus, 763 Bishops Circle, $95,095.

The estate of Williemae N. Lamisano to Susuan L. Ogletree, 3626 Phillips Drive, $48,000.

Michael W. Brown to Ernie Duke, 1123 Hampstead Place, $175,000.

Tabitha Austin to Paul J. Kaminski, 665 North Fairview Drive, $125,000.

Eric S. Rzad to Douglas S. Shahan, 688 Lambeth Drive, $250,385.

Andre Kallab to Michael J. Paluba Jr., 221 Matson Court, $265,000.

Joshua D. Newton to Joseph F. Cerri and Susan C. Cerri, 6515 Campbells Way, $119,867.

Jeffrey W. Gauker to National Equity Inc., 435 Brandywine Drive, $279,900.

National Equity Inc. to Dianne C. King, 435 Brandywine Drive, $279,900.

R.L. Hayes Construction Inc. to Christopher J. Hamby and Shannon Hamby, 3014 Pepper Hill Drive, $161,900.

Wayne Works LLC to John L. Hall Jr. and Donna B. Hall, 521 Blackburn Drive, $332,500.

Brian Rust to Holly N. Fox and Chris Fox, 351 Habersham Road, $207,500.

Dana M. Lampkin to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 4075 Flintrock Way, $115,000.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Sally Stilgenbauer, 4075 Flintrock Way, $117,000.

David S. Minor to Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership, 4720 Perry Mill Circle, $167,900.

Prudential Residential Services, Limited Partnership to William C. Evans Sr. and Delores L. Evans, 4720 Perry Mill Circle, $167,900.

Robert L. Carr and Kimberly K. Carr to Helen A. Santiago, 438 Keeling Lane, $209,000.

Lester T. Walden III and Shannon N. Walden to Maurice T. Bland and D'Netra Bland, 1355 Shadow Oak Drive, $223,889.

Amanda Russell aka Amanda R. Russell to Joseph Luis Granados Jr. and Elizabeth Granados, 4767 Maple Creek Court, $130,000.

Pierwood Construction Co. to Thomas A. Pritchett and Teresa J. Pritchett, 510 Pavilion Court, $247,000.

Robert W. Hill to Michael Shane Pennington and Mary Elizabeth Coleman, 3843 Ivy Court, $121,800.

Richard B. Aloisi to John C. Lynch, 4445 Woodruff Court, $184,000.

Sharmoan L. Daiyaan to Stephen R. Aldrich, 2096 Sylvan Lake Drive, $131,000.

Xian B. Pang to Karen Stanford, 299 High Chaparral Drive, $195,000.

Ram P. Janardhanam to Huan Carlos Torres, 530 Great Falls, $177,325.

Marc C. Lyonnais, et al., to Michael G. Nixon and Jessica E. Nixon, 282 Highlands Lane, $195,000.

Carl P. Jackson to Kenneth Van Golston, 126 Sugar Maple Lane, $144,700.

Suzanne L. Kerzic to Jerri D. Freeman, 290 Yuma Trail, $199,500.

Charles A. Broadfoot, et al., to Abdallah Messalam, 446 Keeling Lane, $215,900.

Blackburn Homebuilders Inc. to Brian L. Winters and Kathleen A. Winters, 129 Pine View Road, $327,900.

Edward A. Belinski to Gilberto Velaquez and Sandra D. Velaquez, 129 Hickory Drive, $105,500.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Steven S. Bernstein and Jennifer K. Bernstein, 906 Sedgefield Circle, $164,900.

Jackie Stallings Evans to Jarmaur R. Stallings and Starla R. Stallings, 421 Bristol Road, $117,000.

Brian C. Webb to Felicia Mansaray, 319 Timberidge Road, $122,900.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Michael D. Maloney and Mary P. Maloney, 908 Sedgefield Circle, $176,900.

Kathleen C. Ford to Michael A. Pierce, 801 Knox Road, $159,900.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Malinda K. Holt, 502 Butler Springs Court, $149,900.

Camerin R. Ball to Thomas Berns and Nikol Berns, 226 Bainbridge Drive, $260,000.

Carlos Alberto Ruiz to Victor A. Franklin, 3493 Rhodes Hill Drive, $345,000. Maquard Y. Lett to Prudential Residential Services, Limited Partnership, 4235 Fairfield Circle, $128,900.

Brett E. Horton to Richard Thomas Green and Janice Ethel Green, 885 Bit Court, $168,900.

Vernon Schronce to Robert L. Martinez II, 653 Clinton Way, $121,900.

Gregory Dechau to Robert William O'Rander and Jane L. O'Rander, 4656 La Pointe, $169,900.

Brian L. Couch to Darrell L. Cruce, 921 Hunting Horn Way, $163,000.

Andre F. Washington to Robert J. Kirkland and Christy L. Kirkland, 1358 Shadow Oak Drive, $193,900.

Bess M. Corriveau to Thomas E. Watson, 340 Washington St., $116,500.

Christopher Daniel Tillery to Christy L. Davidson, 575 Great Falls Drive, $159,500.

Persis Menefee to John D. Overton, 771 Laurel Springs Court, $155,200.

Cherisse M. Glivens to Elizabeth M. Lobdell, Alan L. Lobdell and Katherine R. Lobdell, 217 Sassafrass Lane, $83,000.

Wachovia Bank of Georgia NA to Brosious and Holt Properties, 1045 Furys Ferry Road, $1.

Jerome Pollard Jr., Zelean Pollard Dent, Robert Pollard, Georgene Pollard Williams and James Hutch Pollard to Pollard Family Properties LLC, 4936 Washington Road, $5.

Jerome Pollard Jr. and Robert Pollard to Pollard Family Properties LLC, 4948 Washington Road, $5.

Charles A. Thompson II and Jacirene K. Shaw Thompson, trustees of the Charles A. Thompson Living Trust, to C.A. Thompson Enterprises LLC, 4107 Vern Sikking Road, $5.

C.A. Thompson to C.A. Thompson Enterprises LLC, 206 Sarah Creek Court, $5.

Phillip J. Turner to Mark W. Ayers, 350 West Boundary St., $83,000.

Lloyd A. DeFoor to Wendell R. Price, 1818 Champions Circle, $315,000.

Wendell R. Price to DeFoor Land LLLP, 4413 Wrightsboro Road, $200,000.

Wendell R. Price to Lloyd A. DeFoor, 4075 Evans to Lock Road, $335,000.

William P. Nagy to Richard C. Hamilton, 2082 Sylvan Lake Drive, $137,500.

Downeast Homebuilders Inc. to John A. Lowery and Judy L. Lowery, 203 Nicholson St., $235,480.

IDK Development Inc. to Rogelio Chairez and Susan E. Chairez, 2120 Sylvan Lake Drive, $130,900.

Kingsbury Custom Homes Inc. to Scott H. Winkler, 208 Brookstone Circle, $134,900.

Allison M. Acker to Robert W. Ellis III, 1316 Crawford Creek Place, $78,900.

Christopher E. Gates to Jacqueline I. Ojimba, 4154 Knollcrest Circle, $329,900.

G. Bradley Fiebiger and Tracy Fiebiger to Robin A. Rand, 3644 Lake Shore Loop, $74,000.

J.A. Reese to Nancy C. Wood, 104 Shaw St., $35,000.

Victor Homes Inc. to Anthony C. Jones, 209 Dorset Drive, $208,900.

Dabiel T. Gleason to Gassim Ahmed and Audrey D. Ahmed, 782 Faircloth Commons Road, $108,000.

Charlynn C. Richardson to Cara Collins and Kristin Grant, 4726 Wildwood Drive, $153,400.

Christy L. Key Kirkland to Troy J. Ward and Elizabeth Ward, 1966 Shoreline Drive, $119,900.

Charles D. Treado to Lilibeth C. Echin and Leonito Echin, 623 Belle Court, $78,000.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Rene Lee Burton, 2071 Summerton Circle, $141,900.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Peter J. Ferguson, 2070 Summerton Circle, $140,500.

Dewayne K. McCauley to Helga Ellis, 263 Hillbrook Drive, $89,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Julie M. Dennard and Shilo D. Dennard, 1125 Blackfoot Drive, $265,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Gary L. Hoenshel and Cayce C. Hoenshel, 902 Stoneview Court, $145,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Margo Marie J. Marin, 1500 Cedar Hill Trail, $155,900.

Tarunendu Dwivedi to Gloris T. Gordon, 436 Connemara Trail, $134,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to George L. Graham, 4622 Country Glen Circle, $149,900.

Gregory A. Noles to Rafael E. Jordan, 4838 Old Belair Road, $146,100.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Donald J. Van Nostrand and Joyce M. Van Nostrand, 5093 Wells Drive, $235,900.

Andre C. Hubert to Lisa R. Hubert, 4572 Colonial Road, $10.

Anthony V. Whipple to Walter C. Cheng, 3766 Murray St., $172,000.

Herbert Homes Inc. to Margaret A. Donnelly, 454 Northrop Place, $93,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to William Steven Patat and Deborah M. Patat, 1511 Blair St., $213,671.

Virgil Kennedy to Steven P. Williams, 591 Byrd Drive, $23,000.

Carol L. Cannell to Eddie M. Perdue, 4667 La Pointe Drive, $187,000.

M-Homebuilders Inc. to William F. Broyles and Darlene B. Broyles, 618 Cavanaugh Way, $292,000.

Euchee Creek Investors Inc. to Trudy J. Gove and Harold Lewis, 1106 Seminole Circle, $55,000.

Shirley J. Posley to Jessica McNerlin, 120 Ginkgo Lane, $81,000.

Lovie Elizabeth Brown to James J. Kirby Jr., 334 Lamplighter Lane, $123,500.

Joanne E. Cassedy, Kevin J. Cassedy and Kelly C. Mason fka Kelly L. Cassedy to David Sowers and Nastaran A. Sowers, 4738 Wildwood Drive, $225,000.

CLyde Ray to Douglas L. Mulanax and Jamie Ann Mulanax, 3720 Sapphire Drive, $240,000.

Brian B. O'Neill to David L. DeRemer, 4048 Dowling Drive, $212,000.

Menelia Diane Earhart to Stephen H. Steinberg and William W. Walker III, 101 Highview Drive, $64,000.

Harry A. Williams to Eugene L. Edwards and Janice L. Edwards, 401 Weyanoke Drive, $249,900.

Eric J. Marenyi to Kirt S. Palmer, 556 Jackson St., $139,900.

Jeromy J. Williams to Robert Kintz, 1110 Waltons Pass, $197,500.

Debra L. Carlson-Hopkins to Lian Ai Huang Cheung, 156 Anneswood Drive, $88,000.

Tiffany A. Burke nka Justice to Ava Worrell, 4666 Clifden Ave., $114,500.

Derral E. Creswell Jr. to Lisa A. Katz and Joshua B. Smith, 213 Ridgetop Drive, $293,000.

Michael Hinson to Tony Johnson Jr., 1082 Newman Road, $74,000.

Allen Benton Ramage Jr. to Arlin L. Hatch and Veronica A. Hatch, 1192 Rivershyre Drive, $220,000.

IDK Development Inc. to Katsumi Nomura and Jean Chiyeko Nomura, 2152 Sylvan Lake Drive, $133,900.

Curtis Lee Bryan to Davoud Soleimani, 4266 Colony Square, $230,000.

R.L. Hayes Construction Inc. to James D. Vance Jr., 1104 Waltons Pass, $199,800.

Ivey Residential LLC to William L. Owens and Mary Anne Gray Owens, 1203 Amberly Drive, $212,200.

Jerry L. Harden to Greg K. Yarrow and Tina R. Yarrow, 7109 Postell Drive, $286,900.


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