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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2005

Edward A. Heider to Timothy C. Tyler, 1149 Parkside Trail, $179,900.

Eastern Retail Holdings Limited Partnership to Inland Western Evans LLC, 4274 Washington Road, $8,795,000.

Charles T. Bray and Bonnie L. Bray to Mark T. Henry and Julie C. Henry, 780 Sweet Bay Court, $279,900.

Williamsburg LLC to Bartley Homes Inc., 1128 Blackfoot Drive, $38,500.

Dylan Riggs, trustee under the 1987 Shoreline Drive Trust date July 17, 2003, to Carole Hatfield Tankersley, 1987 Shoreline Drive, $100,000.

Paul Peterson to Stephen E. McDade, 4607 Mulberry Creek, $157,000.

Robert E. Silman to Remedios L. Crespo, 1103 Avery Landing, $81,000.

Rose Marie Hart to Michelle H. Looper, 334 Candlewood Drive, $102,900.

Value Builders Inc. to Dennis Coke and Dian McKenzie Coke, 220 Dorset Drive, $189,900.

J.W. Ivey and Associates Inc. to Vincent L. Tedhams, 142 Pond View Drive, $410,000.

Ronald G. Thomas Jr. to Ronald G. Thomas and Deborah S. Thomas, 4547 Meadow Lane, $100,000.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Angel Cardona, 2036 Summerton Circle, $140,125.

Columbia Road Ventures LLC to Nassau Development Inc., 619 Burgamy Pass, $38,250.

Toxey M. Smith LLC to Russell T. Smith, 803 Dover Court, $38,250.

Timothy Scott Ledoux to Eric G, Lamberteen, 4521 Shawnee Drive, $100,900.

Linda K. Rains to Anita L. Merkel, 2216 Wichita Falls, $152,500.

J. Scott Patterson to William J. Wood, 325 Farm-ington Drive, $163,000.

Jaime Berrios to Charles H. McJunkin, 4370 Quail Creek Road, $108,000.

William E. German to John T. Bellinger, 4427 Sapelo Drive, $181,500.

Victor Argo to Charles T. Cates, 601 Cedarwood Court, $68,000.

Kaldon L. Waltjen to Kaldon L. Waltjen and Sharn L. Waltjen in their rep cap as guardians for Jeremy K. Waltjen, 4392 Marshall Way, $10.

Gregory C. Ford to Realty Zone LLC, 3905 Dent St., $10.

Minnie C. Simons to Marc T. Simons, 211 Creekview Circle, $1.

LeRoy Robinson Jr. to J. Scott Patterson, 325 Farmington Drive, $10.

AB & W Properties LLC to Park Ridge Builders Inc., 1062 Emerald Place, $54,585.

Augusta Sportswear Inc. to Augusta Sportswear Acquisition Co. Inc., 425 Parkwest Drive, $9,000,000.

Tommy Rennison Homebuilders Inc. to Tom C. McLaughlin and Barbara S. McLaughlin, 125 North Ridge Circle, $320,000.

Mark J. Spitzer to Thomas R. Schneider and Amanda E. Schneider, 738 Avrett Circle, $248,900.

Riverwood Land LLC to Alexander D. Collins and Jackie D. Collins, 462 Armstrong Way, $89,500.

Edward J. Certisimo to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 4146 Hammonds Ferry Road, $535,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Services Corp. to James G. Mims Jr., 4146 Hammonds Ferry Road, $535,000.

Marguerite R. Bearden to Floyd L. Kelley and Linda M. Kelley, 270 Sioux Drive, $91,000.

Michael T. Ashe to Otto Zeledon, 5167 N. Tubman Road, $18,000.

Barley Homes Inc. to Todd E. Gay, 369 Barnsley Drive, $300,000.

Bay View Development LLC to E. Brooke Robinson, 558 Southern Hills Drive, $74,900.

Dennis A. Wolfe to John D. Herman Jr., 712 Coolbrook Court, 129,500.

Park Ridge Builders Inc. to Robert A. Beach and Frances H. Beach, 561 Farmington Circle, $228,900.

Scott A. Jones to Dorothy E. Smith, 582 Farmington Circle, $225,000.

Gary L. Upton to Tina O. Moses, 988 Windmill Parkway, $327,000.

Jeromy A. Dixon to Diann K. Emmons, 157 Moss Creek Drive, $129,000.

Rebecca K. White to Prudential Relocation Inc., 530 Adams Mill Lane, $118,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Heather N. Hart and Jeffrey L. Hart, 530 Adams Lane, $119,900.

Russell W. Foulke to Shirley A. Redd, 719 Bradford Lane, $138,700.

Stovall and Co. Inc. to West Town Investments LLC, 541 Industrial Park Drive, $170,000.

Huggins et al to West Town Investments LLC, 4330 Evans to Locks Road, $534,660.

Faye L. Collins to Peggy Pollard, 638 Clinton Way W., $139,900.

BT Lot 7 LLC to Melody S. Palo and Rosario Naldoza, 1812 Champions Circle, $310,000.

Pierwood Construction Co. to Eugene L. Pong, 1804 Prince George Ave., $429,550.

Val Reffett to Mark F. Douglass, 738 Magruder Landing, $222,000.

Donld L. Briggs to T. David Williams, 6195 Old Union Road, $23,500.

Eric F. Troxler to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., 556 Farmington Circle, $215,500.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Solomon Glover, 556 Farmington Circle, $225,000.

Sid Beckum Construction Inc. to Cheryl L. Thomas, 418 Snead Way, $146,900.

Maxie Bolgla and Bolgla Limited Partnership to High Meadows Group LLC, 5430 Columbia Road, $2,500,000.

Edward Wurst to Oscar Acosta and Alma Acosta, 2002 Rivershyre Drive, $195,000.

William T. Jolly to Robert Beyke and Abby Beyke, 606 Surrey Lane, $188,400.

Benchmark Augusta Homes Ltd. to Steven N. Sorkin, Charles Albert and Barbara L. Albert, 6208 Freedom Circle, $167,884.

J. Porter Adams Construction Co. to Eric J. Pedersen and Julie L. Pedersen, 4868 Orchard Hill Drive, $168,500.

U.S. Duffie LLC to Scott B. Childers, 226 Brook Court, $112,900.

Higgins Builders Inc. to Sandra J. Shelmerdine, 520 Farmington Circle, $298,900.

Kingsbury Custom Homes Inc. to Sharon M. Jones, 1908 Long Creek Falls, $177,280.

John F. Kuhn to Gregory M. Oetting, 454 Congressional Court, $87,408.

Herbert Homes Inc. to M.B. Herbert, 416 Northrop Place, $68,100.

Medallion Construction Co. Inc. to Leonard W. Hailey, 1891 Long Creek Falls, $152,900.

Edward L. Singletary to Steve H. Pappas, 105 E. Robinson Ave., $140,000.

Lamega S. Hitt nka Bush to Stephen C. Flickinger and Amy J. Flickinger as joint tenants with right of survivorship, 312 Ford Ave., $85,500.

William E. Johnson to Anthony Deckert and Crystal Deckert, 4721 West Creek Mill Court, $110,000.

Jody Patton to Michael Knadler, 4263 Waylon Drive, $119,900.

Stephen Beazley Builders and Regis Development Co. to Reginald Fraser, 421 Brandywine Drive, $27,000.

River Island Development Co. LLC to Erich Von Bereghy, 1587 River Island Parkway, $126,000.

R.L. Hays Construction Inc. to Patrick J. Dillinger and Kathy A. Dillinger, 601 Cornerstone Place, $204,500.

Randall J. Brito and Dana J. Britto to Tiffany Rhagnanan, 514 Crystal Creek Road, $117,900.

AB & W Properties LLC to Danny Bourne, 1072 Emerald Place, $46,800.

David A. Greene to Timothy R. Stovall, 4609 Renee St., $81,400.


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