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Endorsement: Richard Ingram, Magistrate

Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2004


Now is time to take note of the facts. A $ 500,000 deficit in the budget for the magistrate office was created under the current administration. The current chief magistrate was busy running his law practice and his associate chief magistrate was busy with his law practice. During the current chief magistrate's term these things have only become more of a problem. Now we have employees stealing court fees. Employees being arrested in our magistrate office? This is the very office we depend on to hand down judgments for crimes and crimes are being committed within this department. Where were the seven magistrates in our county while this activity was going on? If Wade Padgett were capable of running the magistrate office as an associate chief he would have seen at least some of these problems. We have heard from Padgett supporters that he is already stretched way too thin now. Private law practice, little league coach, and associate chief magistrate keeps him so busy that he cannot remember the judgment he hands down on a case previously brought before him. If he cannot follow through with a judgment on the bench how is he going to run a private law practice, coach little league, manage 14 employees, and an astronomical budget? As a Columbia County resident how the magistrate office is managed is very important.

Richard Ingram has a clear plan and a devoted interest in growing the revenue and decreasing the deficit in magistrate office. He wants to make the magistrate office a department for the taxpayers of our county to be proud of. Mr. Ingram wants to build pride within the magistrate office so that the employees will be confident and productive. Ingram can provide the leadership that the magistrate office has been lacking for so very long. Vote Richard Ingram.

Sandra Farren



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