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Get rid of factions on July 20

Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2004


Has anyone else noticed that several previously opposing factions in Columbia County politics are uniting in their attempt to defeat bringing new leadership to the Sheriff's Office?

Frank Spears, who along with Jim Whitehead and Diane Ford brought you the Columbia County rain tax, is (working for) the Whitehead, Ford and Whittle campaigns. Recently when Spears appeared as the unbiased guest speaker on the Austin Rhodes Show, he continually hung up on any Blanchard supporters and made many unfounded accusations.

Why is this so strange? Whitehead actively recruited and campaigned for the person who soundly defeated Spears in the 2002 County Commission election. Whitehead disliked Ford and she was denied the vice-chairman position even though she had seniority. But now they are working joint campaigns and it is one of politics through intimidation.

What are these people trying to hide in their efforts to keep new, fresh, unaligned faces from being elected in Columbia County? Let's do completely away with whatever remains of the old-time Columbia County political factions. The voters of Columbia County are wise enough to know that new leadership is past due for our growing county. Vote for change on July 20.

Kenneth M. Covington



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