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Former Evans coach ill-treated in removal from team position
After reading the column by Mike Howell in Sundays News-Times, I couldnt just let such an injustice go by without commenting on it.

Countys fire-services plan "is just another tax-and-power grab
You wonder why no one attended the hearings on the fire tax? For the same reason no one attends any other hearings: In Columbia County, anyone conversant enough to understand the issues knows that hearings is a misnomer. Hearings implies someone is listening, and as we all know, the decisions are made by the plutocratic meat puppets - sometimes referred to as the Columbia County Commission - in secret, long before the public receives the ukase from on high.

Critics of Evans High athletics should support players instead
Its a shame that there are parents at Evans High School who continue harboring negative attitudes towards the athletic program. If they think they can do it better, they need to fill out an application.

Officer takes simulatorfor a spin
Capt. Dan Barnett climbed behind the wheel and sped off toward an emergency - and then another and another.

Impersonator never tires of playing comedian
In 1994, Dale Walter Sr. and Dennis Moriarty traveled from Canton, Ohio, for their first Oliver Hardy Festival, where they planned to enter the look-alike contest.

Commission qualifying begins soon
Qualifying begins at 9 a.m. Thursday for candidates seeking to fill the Columbia County Board of Commissioners seat left open with last week's resignation of Mark Devoti.

County schedules Medieval Fest
Columbia County is turning back the clock about 1,000 years for Medieval Fest.

Study charts Prep students' success
Augusta Preparatory Day School is making the grade, a recent survey shows.

Foreign-exchange student gets kicks at Evans High
It could be said that Tales Mendes is willing to go the extra mile to get a well-rounded education - 4,811 miles, to be exact.

Time capsule
As reported 63 years ago in The Columbia News, Thursday, Oct. 3, 1940:

Fun at the festival
Pictures from orth Columbia Elementary School's annual fall carnival

Police blotter
The following accounts were taken from reports filed with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Augusta Technical College will hold graduation ceremonies at 7 p.m. Thursday at Bell Auditorium. Guest speaker will be Brig. Gen. Gregory Premo, deputy commanding general and assistant commandant of the U.S. Army Signal Center at Fort Gordon.

Two sheriffs ready to run
Today is the big day when Columbia County Sheriff Clay Whittle climbs the Justice Center steps and announces his re-election.

New projects have later costs, too
New projects have later costs, too

Where's court for me?
You have to hand it to the Founding Fathers. If they hadnt created such a powerful court system, where would we be if we spilled our coffee, got too fat, injured our self-esteem, failed a test we couldnt study for because we were nursing our injured psyche, lost a promotion because we werent the best person for the job, or received a traffic ticket because we were trying to get to work on time to improve our chances of getting that promotion and extra pay, which God knows my poor family needs?

Pigskin Picks
Here are the winners of pigskins picks for week 5.

Athlete Spotlight: Jennifer Wells
When you're as good at volleyball as Jennifer Wells is, it's hard to be humble.

Sports briefs
A local qualifier for the NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass & Kick competition was held last weekend at Augusta Christian School.

High school gridiron has plenty of early season surprises
Every season it seems that a high-school football team or prep player comes out of nowhere to put together an impressive run.

Dogfights spill onto football fields
Three Columbia County high school football teams found themselves in dogfights last week, and with only one exception, the dogs had their day Friday.

Augusta Christian figures out foe
The Augusta Christian School football team had a three-word response to the team known by a three-letter acronym.


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