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Athlete Spotlight: Jennifer Wells

Greenbrier High School

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Greenbrier volleyball player Jennifer Wells

Photo by Jim Blaylock

When you're as good at volleyball as Jennifer Wells is, it's hard to be humble.

But when the Greenbrier High School senior recalls her freshman season, the memories bring her down to earth.

"Awful, terrible, everything was backward, messed up, uncoordinated," Wells said of her early court abilities, or lack thereof.

Lady Wolfpack coach Debbie Born remembers things differently.


"She wasn't awful by any means," Born said. "She just had a lot to learn. She's athletic, so I knew she would pick it up quickly."

Wells did pick up the sport quickly, and has blossomed into a devastating middle-hitter for the Lady Pack.

"She's definitely the best player in the area, in my opinion, and probably one of the best players in the state," Born said. "I knew in her junior year that she could go on to the next level."

Indeed, Wells is on her way to the next level. She has verbally committed to accept a volleyball scholarship at the State University of West Georgia in Carrollton.

"From her just picking up the sport four years ago to getting a college scholarship, Jenn has definitely gone above and beyond your normal volleyball player," Born said. "She's just one of those girls that rises to the occasion."

Wells has honed her skills through hard work. In addition to high-school ball, she competes for a club team, and she doesn't mind setting the record straight about volleyball.

"A lot of people imagine volleyball is three bumps over the net, and three bumps back," Wells says. "Players have flown over chairs, ran into walls and into the bleachers. It's a tough sport, and I've done all of the above."

Wells likes to dive for digs, but the 5-foot-11 player really loves to leap above the net and punish opponents with her power.

"One of the biggest highs is when you know you have the perfect set and you're like, 'I know I can hit this ball as hard as I can,"' Wells said. "Personally, I like blocking people better. When they have their hopes up and you shoot them down."

Wells leads Greenbrier in blocks and kills, and although her aggressive play often leaves her black and blue, she wouldn't dream of backing down.

"I just have the heart to go for anything," Wells said. "It's a love of the game. That's my best asset. I could play volleyball every day."


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