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Proposal to give lakefront land to counties would restrict access
This letter is in response to U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwoods proposed Savannah River Lakes Private Land Ownership Restoration Act. This bill would deed the land surrounding Thurmond Lake (preferably known as Clarks Hill) to the surrounding counties in Georgia and South Carolina.

County's pet incinerator shouldn't compete with private business
As owner of Paradise Pet Cemetery and Crematory, I have been doing cremations for the CSRA for the past 15 years and have worked hard to create a dignified, compassionate business. I am now facing losing my cremation business due to the invasion of private enterprise by Columbia County Animal Control.

Greenbrier junior means business
Sam Gaston doesn't like to just come in first. Sam wants to come in first and make a difference.

Dance studio will bring Vegas to visitors
Bright lights, big music, flashy costumes, elegant food and gaming tables - all the elements of a Las Vegas-style show - will come together at the Ballroom Dance Center in Evans on Friday and Saturday.

School board studies student travel policy
The Columbia County Board of Education has tentatively approved a policy it hopes will prevent traffic accidents like the one last year that killed two golfers headed to a tournament.

Hardy museum, festival get star status
The Laurel and Hardy Museum of Harlem is like a child - much bigger by its first birthday.

Editor selected for 'News-Times,' 'Chronicle' bureau
Veteran reporter Vicky Eckenrode has been named bureau chief of The Augusta Chronicle's Columbia County Bureau and news editor of The Columbia County News-Times.

Unit cracks down on juvenile crime
Juvenile crime is on the rise in Columbia County, but a special unit of the sheriff's office is working to stem the tide.

Flag for schools planned
It's easy to see how former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes came up with such a hodgepodge design for his short-lived a state flag.

Pupil boom exceeds school system's expectations
After several years of slow population growth, Columbia County schools this year are off to a booming start with far more pupils than school officials had expected.

Youth crime rises, burglaries drop
Burglaries are down, but juvenile offenses rose dramatically in the first half of 2003, according to crime statistics from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Greenbrier teacher named to state educators board
Columbia County educator Judy Teasley has been elected to a three-year-term on the Professional Association of Georgia Educators board of directors.

School lunches
Columbia County School lunch menus

Get up and go
The Columbia County Choral Society will have an open house for interested singers and supporters Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church of Evans, on the corner of Belair and Washington roads.

Property transfers
James Kendall and Linda Katherine Hudson to Pro Investment Group Inc., 518 Ridgewood Drive, $80,000.

New York convention
The Colson Performing Dance Company recently attended the Dance Educators of America Convention in New York June 29-July 5.

On vacation
Betty McCook and Betty Elliott hold up a copy of The Augusta Chronicle while visiting Fairbanks, Alaska.

Police blotter
Two Appling women fought on the street and were cited for disorderly conduct.

Footnotes or headlines
In one, brief period last week, lead stories on every news channel and headlines on every front page were variations on the same theme: Episcopalians elect gay bishop" At the same time, very little else could be squeezed into hour-long talk shows except one more tantalizing tidbit of the Kobe Bryant story. Did he or didnt he? Will he or wont he go to jail, lose his endorsements, keep his Lakers contract or his wife?

Out of many comes Mosaic
Casual observers riding around Columbia County would probably think theres no shortage of churches. Just a drive down a two-mile stretch of North Belair Road, for example, passes a Presbyterian church, an independent church, a Methodist church, a Mormon temple and a Baptist church.

NCLB would be funny, if not serious
There is no way to take seriously a new federal law that brands more than half of Columbia Countys top-notch public schools as failures, including a school that just last year was declared one of the best in the nation.

New rules stop short - or go too far?
All Columbia County hung its head in anguish earlier this year when two Greenbrier High School students were killed and two others injured in a horrific single-vehicle crash. The boys were members of the Greenbrier golf team, on their way to a meet in Lincoln County when their SUV overturned.

A tribute to bus drivers
My neighbor was almost as shocked as I on that morning so long ago. I was speaking briefly to my daughters school bus driver, Charles Hartley. As my neighbor pulled around the school bus to pass, Mr. Hartley shot the side window back and yelled Stop! Mr. Hartley then informed my neighbor of the consequences should she ever again try to pass his stopped school bus. He didnt do this to impress me, but because of his dedication and faith in his chosen work. That is the dedication and fortitude which is missing in many public workers.

Back-nine 34 wins local golfer spot in junior tournament
Lakeside junior Ryan Blackburn has earned a spot in the American Junior Golf Association's Burgett H. Mooney Jr. Classic. The tournament will wrap up today at the Coosa Country Club in Rome, Ga.

Football teams have learned importance of gaining strength and keeping it
Harlem High School football coach Jimmie Lewis remembers what it was like to play football for the Bulldogs, but something was missing from the sport in those days.

Sports briefs
The Aiken-Augusta Lacrosse Club will conduct a clinic for men and women, minimum age 15, today at Citizens Park in Aiken. The clinic is at noon. Experience and equipment is not required. For more information call 733-4271 or 854-1908.

Jack Nicklaus keeps development on course
Jack Nicklaus had a choice: clean closets or visit the city that has embraced him for nearly 40 years.


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