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U.S. has a right to resume the war with Iraq
I would like to submit to Greg Weis that his March 11 letter, "Signing U.N. Charter was a promise," left out some information on the situation with Iraq. Elden Bolton, Martinez, Ga.

Enjoys guest column by local writer
Thank you for the thought-provoking guest column by Henry T. Edmondson on March 9, "There are no shortcuts to solving the issue of Iraq's disarmament." It is indeed time for the United States to re-evaluate which countries we look to for alliance and moral approval. As Dr. Edmondson pointed out, Eastern Europe has significant reason to be leery of the United Nations. So does the United States. Joe Beck, Augusta

Rowland has more than formal education
I will be voting for Jody Rowland for sheriff of Aiken County on March 25. There are many reasons I have made this decision, but several seem to stand out. With a bachelor's and master's degrees in criminal justice, and being a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, Mr. Rowland has received the best formal education. Add to that many classes, seminars and conferences relating to various aspects of police work in his 22 years of experience, and his education is well-rounded. June H. Cannon, Aiken, S.C.

France risks U.S. alliance for Saddam
In response to the Feb. 14 letter from my friend, Roy DeLamotte, "Speak out against war with Iraq before it's too late": W.F. Lawless, Augusta

Liberals choose the wrong battles
I am trying to understand - just what do liberals call a country that has a supreme dictator with an SS-like force called the Mukhabarat that oppresses and murders his people and simultaneously exports terrorism and hostile acts against both neighboring and distant states while developing weapons of mass destruction? William J. Welsh, M.D., Augusta

Hunt looks out for us, speaks for himself
I had the privilege of attending the press conference for Mike Hunt when he announced his intention to run for sheriff of Aiken County. All the things that our Howard Sellers clone just announced that he implemented, Mike Hunt had stated was his platform for reform of the sheriff's office. Bobby Boggs, Windsor, S.C.

Hunt holds the key to bring law enforcement together
Most of the discussion surrounding Mike Hunt's law-enforcement career has centered on his outstanding service to the city of Aiken. I want to remind North Augustans that Mr. Hunt began his law-enforcement career as a member of the North Augusta Department of Public Safety. I had the opportunity to supervise him in that capacity and am pleased to support his candidacy for sheriff of Aiken County. Mr. Hunt has always had a remarkable enthusiasm for his work that is based on his love and compassion for the people he serves. He served North Augusta well early on and will continue to serve the entire county well as sheriff. C. Scott Bruder, Graniteville, S.C.

Hunt dedicated and hard working
As a retired policeman I have known both Republican Aiken County sheriff candidates - Mike Hunt and Jody Rowland - for over 20 years. Carl A. Pagano, Belvedere, S.C.

Burk is a disgrace to women's movement
How dare Martha Burk and her group of "women's rights activists" plan to use our community as a grandstand in their publicity stunt? All she seeks is her 15 minutes in the spotlight. Only in her wildest dreams does she see a token millionaire female being admitted to the Augusta National Golf Club. But how would her fantasy benefit a woman's daily life? If Ms. Burk were sincere in her cause, she would be rallying for women's rights in China, Africa and the Middle East. Wendy P. Thomas, Martinez, Ga.

Protesters pose inconvenience and danger
For years residents of areas surrounding the Augusta National Golf Course have good-naturedly moaned and groaned about traffic and crowds during the Masters Golf Tournament. Since this tournament benefits the area, it has always been a minor inconvenience. Arlene Hally, Augusta

Former sheriff fully backs Rowland
It's unfortunate that negative campaigning is predictable in sheriff's elections, usually from the side that feels the most threatened. Carl Langley once told me that you shouldn't wrestle in the mud with a pig because you and the pig both get dirty, but only the pig enjoys it! Howard L. Sellers, Aiken, S.C.

Coverage by 'Chronicle' reporter excellent
My son was assigned to the 319th Transportation Co. from the 498th Transportation Co. from Mobile, Ala., when the 319th was called to active duty in January. Coverage by The Augusta Chronicle has been excellent. I followed the 319th while they were at Fort Stewart prior to their departure overseas. Kenny Bosarge, Grand Bay, Ala.


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