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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003

Wesco Inc. to Lillie Collins, 1347 Wendell Lane, $135,500.

Sid Beckum Construction Inc. to Frederick W. Layman Sr., 408 Trestle Lane, $135,900.

Benchmark Augusta Homes Ltd. to Gary E. Rausch Jr., 7705 Main Street Court, $138,000.

Paul E. Peterson Jr. and Tim Bella to Matthew H. Dunham, 130 Morehead Drive, $106,000.


Sid Beckum Construction Inc. to Deborah L. Hitchcock, 406 Trestle Lane, $139,900.

Joshua R. Denton and Sarah Riley-Denton to John R. Schaefer, 3891 Almon Drive, $83,900.

Jenkins Properties of Grovetown fka Kins-Way Group Inc. to Patrick A. Clark and Marlena C. Clark, 505 and 506 Williams St., $310,000.

EMC Mortgage Corp. to William E. Kelly, 3634 Old Ferry Road, $92,900.

Downeast Homebuilders Inc. to Marty D. Jackson and Sandra J. Jackson, 5031 Sussex Drive, $194,360.

Amna I. Ahmed and Ainuddin Ahmed to Kevin J. Canady, 3752 Roscommon South, $187,000.

J. Davis Trotter to Margaret Dale Williams, 124 Commercial Blvd., $289,900.

Christine May to Ricardo M. Young, 232 Old Mill Road, $25,000.

Ricardo M. Young to Christine May, 232 Old Mill Road, $25,000.

The Bruker Co. to BEC Custom Homes and Development Inc., 307 Farmington Drive N.W., $68,397.75.

The Bruker Co. to BEC Custom Homes and Development Inc., 305 Farmington Drive N.W., $80,696.

Beth E. Schppell to J. Merv Hardin, 4234 Quail Spring Circle, $212,500.

Jack E. Williams and Deanna Williams to Kimberly D. Barrs, 605 Dunloe Circle, $93,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Robert Alan Strickland, 3744 Tailboard Way, $98,900.

Tony L. Merritt and Dana Merritt c/o Prudential Relocation Inc. to Prudential Relocation Inc., 3744 Tailboard Way, $98,900.

Henry F. Westerfield and Angela R. Westerfield to Fred B. Thompson III and Beatrice Strickland Thompson, 975 Windmill Parkway, $280,000.

William S. Crozier to Terry L. Goodhart, 2092 Sylvan Lake Drive, $107,900.

Jose Deslate and Julita Deslate to Eric V. Ellison, 4185 Litchfield Lane, $119,600.

Ashley D. Vanderloop and Tracy L. Vanderloop to Nathan T. Keip, 4597 Hickory Drive, $118,000.

Blackburn Homebuilders Inc. to Kevin T. Coley and Rebecca H. Coley, 214 Newland Circle, $240,000.

Sid Beckum Construction Inc. to Dina L. Freeman, 411 Trestle Lane, $149,900.

Philip R. Heath and Sue M. Heath to Susan Ward Partridge, 4848 Whitehall Drive, $208,900.

Virginia Ann Mason to Hope S. Dean, 155 West Forrest St., $69,500.

James David Smith to Jody F. Patton and Lisa W. Patton, 597 Firestone Court, $269,900.

W.R. Price and Associates to David Green, 4646 Brookwood Lane, $56,800.

W.R. Price and Associates to David Green, 4648 Brookwood Lane, $56,000.

Samuel Steven Powell and Darlene Kay Powell to James Mills Jr. and Michelle J. Mills, 3678 Kelli Drive, $135,000.

Anderson Ridge Ltd. to Barlow and Barlow Construction Inc., 304 Scarlett, $17,500.

New Hope LLC to Jason Eugene Robertson and Amber Marie Robertson, 6607 Fite Drive, $65,500.

James H. Rigsby Jr. and Kent D. Rigsby to Christopher M. Peterson and Sara C. Peterson, 712 Jones Creek Drive, $350,000.

Michael F. Kooyman and Julie A. Kooyman to Robert Brian Joiner, 639 Devon Road, $94,000.

Judy Key Lowe to Ronald Lee Briggs, 4858 Wrightsboro Road, $132,000.

W.T. Lamb dba Lamb and Associates to Oellerich Construction Co., 514 Marble Falls, $20,900.

Mark V.Skidmore and Jane F. Barmand to Steven D. and Pamela E. Childs, 689 Glen Abbey Drive, $259,000.

Downeast Homebuilders Inc. to Christopher L. Ryan and Elizabeth A. Ryan, 317 Barnsley Drive, $271,017.

Harold G. Grimes Jr. and Tonya M. Grimes to Eric C. Pinkins and Tara A. Pinkins, 1439 Andover Court, $222,900.

Pamela A. Rinker and Ralph T. Miller, 134 Cyndee Circle, $83,000.

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Kelsey Maurice Wilson, 619 Devon Road, $97,900.

Chris and Myra Fortunato to Eric W. and Catherine Jo Blair, 300 Taylor Circle, $125,500.

HS Homebuilders Inc. to Sudershan and Indrani Bongu, 4046 Dowling Drive, $207,000.

Beverly Ann Slamen to Louise D. Boyd, 245 Shady Grove Drive, $92,900.

EMC Mortgage Corp. to Robyn A. Freehand and Jane C. Hodges, 853 Pawley Court, $61,150.

The Jim Davis Co. to J. Todd Williams, 277 Stonington Drive, $155,500.

Hugh O. Dicks and Linda C. Dicks to John S. Givens and Danielle C. Givens, 140 Springlakes Drive, $183,500.

Jean K. Hewlett and Alexander Wrayton Hewlett, 4364 Sheffield Drive, $145,000.

R.H. Marchman dba Marchman Chemical Products to Colonel A. Joiner, 305 Old Wrightsboro Road, $150,000.

Kimberly D. and Kenneth B. Richards to Susan R. and Robert A. Reimer, 981 Windmill Parkway, $248,000.

Robert A. Andrews and Terri Wilson to Helen D. Lloyd, 1037 Newmantown Road, $62,000.

Nina K. Salazar to Ralph H. Watson and Peggy A. Watson, 305 Forest Glen Court, $90,000.

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Brad M. Landrum, 676 Devon Road, $96,900.

Henry G. Bryant III and Lisa C. Bryant to Jerry Baine and Marie Baine, 605 Brae Burn Drive, $810,000.

Steven R. Allen and Mary Elizabeth Allen to Henry Bryant III, 3542 Lakestone Court, $785,000.


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