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Grovetown's Christmas lights 'rival the best'
As new residents of your community, we want to express our appreciation to all responsible for the Christmas lights in Grovetown. We think they rival the best efforts of towns much larger.

Omission from program wasn't just oversight
My husband and I, along with our two sons, attended the Harlem Middle School Athletic Banquet on Dec. 16. During the football presentations, five hardworking, dedicated boys were left out of the ceremony. These five boys did not receive their letters along with the rest of the football team.

Thanks to passersby for rendering aid after fall
Neighbors! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thoughts on flag, godly politics, school dates
The letter from Bill Quattlebaum in the Nov. 20 edition was amusing but very serious ("Losers? Flag protesters got rid of Roy Barnes). We Republicans have a chance to make things better for the masses. We just need to be very careful and not mess up. For if we do, we will never hear the end of it.

Attacks on flag are aimed at 'Southern Cross'
Regarding his role as co-designer of the Confederate battle flag, which is incorporated into the real Georgia state flag, Congressman William Porcher Miles of South Carolina wrote the following statement to Samuel Barrett of Georgia in the Summer of 1861: The flag should be a token of humble acknowledgement of God and be a public testimony to the world that our trust is in the Lord our God.

Columnist 'captured a reality' on discrimination
Barbara Seaborns Nov. 10 column, Tyranny of Tolerance sounded familiar. I remembered a book published in 1957 that had an almost cult-like following.

'Encouraging words' for parapros appreciated
Thanks to Barry Paschal so very much for his encouraging words and thoughtfulness concerning paraprofessionals (column, More school, more money, Dec. 8).

Commission service 'an incredible experience'
I would like to thank the citizens of Columbia County for the opportunity they gave me during these past four years to represent them on the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. It has been an incredible experience to work with so many giving people who want to make a difference and who are concerned about the future of our county.

Time for a quiet Christmas
On the joyous occasion of one of Christianitys holiest days - indeed, the day commemorating the literal birth of the entire faith - its difficult to confront the modern emotions that almost make the celebration of Christmas Day anticlimactic.

Healing ahead for a big heart
Santa Claus should be resting today from a night of heavy labor.

Ho, ho, whoa! Cheer is here!
I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to come by my house this week for a little Christmas party.

Common sense, uncommon gift
When the story came out that a convicted felon in California died because hed failed to take care of himself after receiving a heart transplant while in prison - even as 5,000 Californians alone await heart donations - I knew that common sense had officially been declared dead, too.

Alone at Christmas
We two kept house, the Past and I ,

Thumbs up for two smart kids
If there was ever any doubt that Columbia County produces some pretty bright kids, a couple of recent accomplishments should end any skepticism.

Christmas redemption in songs
He was given birth as an advertising campaign, became an American icon, and never lived a single day on earth. He was the product of imagination, and his ballad stirred the imagination of child

Progress, finally, on chairman study
Though some members of the Columbia County School are only reluctantly on board, local lawmakers seem to finally have convinced trustees that they need to initiate a study of the school boards structure.

Carols for children
O come, little children, from cot and from hall


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