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Property transfers

Posted: Sunday, May 19, 2002

Nordahl Homes Inc. to William A. Nail III and Jennifer M. Kurt, 527 Wendover Way, $116,900

Kingsbury Custom Homes, Inc. to Harry N. Jones, 2124 Glenn Falls, Grovetown, $125,557

J. Porter Adams Construction Company to Estevan R. Price and Kasey R. Price, 415 Wade Plantation Drive, $183,050

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Larry W. Force and Connie Force, 646 Devon Road, $94,500

Herbert Homes Inc. to Michelle A. Lowenn, 3991 High Chaparral Drive, $150,400

Crawford Mill LLC to Roslyn Benekin, 325 Crawford Mill Lane, $76,900

Connemara LLC to Mack E. Zimmerman, 453 Connemara Trail, $112,500

Jerry Lee Jones to William R. Smith, 950 Windmill Lane, $229,000

Fairway Six LLC to Rev. J. Kevin Boland as Roman Catholic Bishop, et al, 4921 Columbia Road, $850,000

Donald C. Rhonda S. Prosser to Raymond L. Young, 6208 Otis Way, $26,004

Carolyn S. Russell to Joseph F. Mele, 3038 Otter Court, $78,800

Lee Jernigan Jr. to Sherry Moir, 1406 Ashwood Drive, $253,000

Adam D. Tandy H. Waller to Julie E. Rowland and James A. Rowland, 513 Rocky Ridge Drive, $133,000

Crawford Mill LLC to Larry M. Moore, 359 Crawford Mill Lane, $66,500

P. Bart Hillman and Gloria G. Hillman to Robert B. Agee and Gale S. Agee, 361 Lewiston Road, $220,000

Gordon Douglas Gurthrie to Thomas F. Barnes, 4117 Saddlehorn Drive, $132,000

Carrie Elizabeth Dye a.k.a. Carrie Dye Evans to Paul Ellis Tyson and Shari Tyson, 4226 Deerwood Lane, $117,500

Dwight D. Walker and Sharon D. Walker to Marguerite Gaissert, 544 Brandermill Road, $162,500

Homes With Merritt, Inc. to Andrew J. Cyckowski and Kathaleen F. Cyckowski, 529 Julia Court, Grovetown, $130,400

John C. Hammond to New Hope LLC, 127 Fornum, $46,227

Keystone Homes Inc. to Bradley Michael Glaze and Leslie A. Glaze, 380 Sandleton Way, $154,900

William L. Brooks to Fay Marsh, 6163 Kiokee Drive, $35,000

Michael R. and Pamela D. Robinson to Lauren M. Huntley, 369 Kings Bridge Road, $95,900

Jeffrey A. Wilson to Kentrina J. Cooper, 212 Holden Drive, $107,500

Lance Hayes Francis to Carrie A. Wilson, 191 Creekview Circle, $89,900

Lewis Hadden Inc. to Patrick and McCollum, 619 Gibbs Road, $132,000

Peter J. Pawlak to Stephen G. Oswald and Karen S. Phelps, 235 Kestwick Drive, $239,500

A.B. and W. Properties to Doust M. Khan, 611 Emerald Crossing, $53,900

Knob Hill Beazley LLC to Value Builders Inc., 742 Avrett Circle, $32,900

Barney L. Joyce C. Dyson to Mark E. and Casandra R. Branch, 4903 Selkirk Way, $103,750

Douglas E. and Maureen B. Morris to James E. and Amy E. Little III, 4657 La Pointe, Evans, $134,000

Wayne Whitten Inc. to Jeffrey L. Brown and Meredith J. Uebel, 858 Hamilton Court, $153,900

E. Blackburn Construction Company Inc. to Allan W. Johnson and Gloria D. Johnson, 4245 Colony Square, Evans, $217,800

John J. and Mary F. Menger to Christy M. and Charles E. Springfield, 152 Morehead Drive, $87,900

John Edward Wilder Sr. and Cynthia B. Wilder to Barbara A. Wilder, 711 Hidden Place, $93,000

John Sheahan Builder Inc. to Robert W. Witt and Darla J. Witt, 321 Farmington Drive, $132,000

Carlton R. Sollie Jr. to Bruce A. Lyons, 444 Park West Drive, $480,000


Bernard Marshall, 44, of the 4600 block of Earhart Drive, Martinez, sentenced to 12 months' probation beginning with one day in jail and fined $700

William Dean Pitts, 23, of the 300 block of Katherine Street, Grovetown, sentenced to 12 months' probation beginning with one day in jail and fined $700

Jon Newell Waldorf, 40, of the 4100 block of Powell Mill Road, Augusta, sentenced to 12 months' probation beginning with one day in jail and fined $700


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