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Security of America's nuclear plants important

Posted: Sunday, May 19, 2002


On CNN on April 30, U.S. Rep. Saxby Chambliss said, The likelihood of an attack on a nuclear plant that allows it to emanate and distribute nuclear waste is not as serious as what a lot of folks make it out to be. To say the least, I was shocked by this comment.

Before Sept. 11, no one ever dreamed that a loaded airplane with citizens of our country and other nations would be used as a missile to attack these United States. What is to prevent a nuclear device designed in a suitcase or a briefcase to be left at either one of these facilities, or a scenario we havent even thought of?

Our whole CSRA would be involved, and thousands of people would be killed in the aftershock.

No, Rep. Chambliss, I strongly disagree. Even one of our citizens killed in such an event is too much. Help secure the funds to protect these nuclear facilities now. Dont wait until its too late and then hold investigations to see what can be done to prevent a recurrence. The time to step forward is now.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; take the action required now. Put the money back in the budget for the security of our nations nuclear plants.

Dennis O. Trudeau



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