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Consolidation would be costly for taxpayers
Our elected officials of Columbia County are talking consolidation, or as they like to say, unification. They seem to want to distance themselves from Richmond County, which has already consolidated with Augusta. Lets compare.

Critics should 'pitch in and help' with Hispanics
I am a retired Air Force master sergeant. My many tours of duty have allowed my family and I to visit other countries. We have had the opportunity to walk, talk and eat with the local nationals. Most still believe the United States is a land of milk and honey.

Pastor resigns to start over
If everything works out the way Pastor Eric Taylor wants it to, the prototypical church of the 21st Century will have gotten its start in his living room.

Senior projects
Columbia County senior English students have to show what they know, and some schools are reaping the benefits.

Sales tax dealings set to begin
The negotiation period is officially open and some plans for the distribution of Local Option Sales Tax dollars are on the table.

Kiwanis Club starts up in area
Columbia County now has its own Kiwanis Club.

Barbecue feast will help burn victims
Residents will have the opportunity to do two worthwhile things Saturday - give to charity and eat some barbecue.

Columbia newsmakers
First Place: Melissa Lewis, Charlotte Arena, Blake Reynolds, Allie Howard, Shands James, Emily Finger, Megan Beavers, Justin Watson, Kara Frischmann, Kate Jones.

Time capsule
As reported in The Columbia News, 39 years ago on Thursday, March 14, 1963.

Current events
The second annual Faculty Follies sponsored by Greenbrier High School Academic Booster Club will be Thursday at 7 p.m. in the school gym. Admission is $3 for students and $5 for adults. For more information, please call 650-6040.

Police reports
The following accounts were taken from reports filed with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Crime zones
Here's a list of crimes compiled from reports from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. The offenses included are:

Bob and Robin will face off
Back in 1998, when then-Channel 6 an-chor Bob Young decided to run for mayor of Augusta, I gave him the thumbs up.

Another 'rain tax' gets a yawn
Readers in Columbia County may have missed the recent news items from North Augusta telling citizens about their new stormwater fee.

Recipes for good health
After consuming four bottles of cough syrup, spending a weeks wages on decongestants, and becoming addicted to a variety of cough and throat drops, all in hopes of curing a cold that has hung on for months, I was ready to swallow the Old Farmers Almanac Time-Tested Methods for Staying Well, hook, line, mashed garlic, and sinker. And since I know I have a lot of company out there in cough-cough land, I thought it only fitting that I share the wealth of knowledge Ive learned.

Let voters decide on Board chair
A long-expected proposal from Columbia Countys legislative delegation does nothing more than ask voters their opinion about how the chairman of the school board is chosen.

Fire Chief Gene Davis remembered
It perhaps is fitting, on a weekend in which Americans paused to mark the anniversary of the event which took the lives of so many of its heroic firefighters, that one of Columbia Countys own heroes would pass away.

Saturday events cater to sports fans
Columbia County sports fans should be satisfied Saturday, as local the action will feature something for everyone. Following is a look at the slate, which includes baseball, soccer, track and field, gymnastics and kickboxing

The zone isn't just for golf pros
Avid golfers have heard of accomplished players finding "the zone."

The Riverside Middle School girls soccer team has given the term "perfect pitch" a whole new meaning.


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