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Religions flourish under 'tolerant' Constitution

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2001


Greg Merrys assessment (letter, Oct. 3) of my critique (letter, Sept. 26) of Pastor Brian Heckbers stated opinions missed a most cogent fact. Merry said it was inappropriate for me to have used a public forum to criticize Heckber.

Surely Merry knew that I was responding to Heckbers use of a public forum to ridicule non-Christians (How we worship feature, Sept. 5). There was no secret personal agenda in my letter condemning Heckbers assertions; it was for the sole purpose of rebuking him for his divisive comments.

Following Merry comes Rachel DomBrowski (letter, Oct. 10), who states it makes her ill when people believe what they want to believe. Like her co-religionists, Dombrowski alludes to John 14:6 in the Bible as proof of salvation for Christians and damnation for all others. Cant these folks understand that statements from the Bible do not constitute proof of an argument to anyone who does not believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God? When Heck-ber preaches his brand of Christianity to his congregation, he is preaching to the choir. When he speaks out in secular settings he would be wise to remember that he lives in a society in which many religions flourish under the most tolerant protection of our nations Constitution.

Gene Rickaby, Martinez

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