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Public needs more TSPLOST information

Posted: June 12, 2012 - 11:07pm

Now that Columbia County has its first transportation sales tax public meeting out of the way, and another is coming, it would be useful in the interim to straighten some things out.

No, not the details of what the proposed additional tax will or won’t do. Information in that regard abounds for all who want to seek it.

What needs to be fixed, judging from reader comments after Wednesday’s hearing, are basics of the July 31 vote.

The T-SPLOST vote is a statewide referendum. One person commenting promised to vote against anyone passing it. That’s hardly possible, since voters will be the ones determining its passage. Another lambasted Columbia County leaders for putting the tax on the ballot. Again: It is a statewide referendum, and was placed on the ballot of every county by the Georgia Legislature.

Such willful misinformation dampens the hope that many voters actually will cast an informed ballot. But it also illustrates the need for continued information, from both sides, to bring the public up to speed.

We just hope the public wants to be informed before they vote.

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Little Lamb


One thing that was confusing to me (from the news reports) was Doug Callaway's assertion that if revenue from the new sales tax did not meet expectations (estimates), that the state DOT would finish all projects out of its resources. That sounds fishy to me.

This is the quote from Jenna Martin's story about the fundraising meeting at Westlake:

If passed, the referendum would provide $621 million during 10 years for the entire region. If the sales tax did not raise enough funding, the Georgia Department of Transportation would be required to finish uncompleted projects.

Many Arrows

Jenna Martin Got it Wrong

It is ironic this piece laments misinformation. The article after the Wednesday meeting by Jenna Martin incorrectly stated that the 25% discretionary funds were the excess of expected total revenues over that which is required to build the investment list. They are not excess funds but 25% of the revenues generated. I left her a message but she did not return my call.

Many Arrows


The politicos who think they can not make a stance known on this issue are making a mistake. You don't often have a bill so offensive to constitutionalists and fiscal conservatives as this one is.