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Underage alcohol stings protect the community

Posted: April 24, 2012 - 11:06pm

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: An undercover cop walks into a convenience store...

It’s not the setup for a joke, however. That’s the start of another of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office’s occasional stings to make sure stores are complying with the law requiring them to ask for ID for anyone buying alcohol.

Though some people attempt to rationalize illegal sales, or downplay the clerks’ culpability, there’s nothing complicated about the requirement: If someone brings alcohol to the counter, they’re supposed to show ID to buy it. Clerks who are too lazy to obey the law risk a citation and potentially jeopardize their employer’s lucrative alcohol sales license.

They also put all of us at risk by putting alcohol in the hands of teens. That, by itself, is reason not only to applaud the sheriff’s office for these operations, but for hailing the businesses whose clerks were caught obeying the law.

As the sheriff’s office reported, the stores refusing to sell alcohol to the underage deputy were Circle K at 261 Fury’s Ferry Road in Martinez; Liquor and More at 3821 Washington Road in Martinez; Enmark at 221 Bobby Jones Expressway in Martinez; Stuckey’s BP at 4099 Belair Road in Grovetown; Fuel Express at 440 S. Belair Road in Martinez; TPS at 499 Lewiston Road in Grovetown; and Pumpkin Center Store at 1313 Appling Harlem Highway in Harlem.

They got it right. Give them your business, and a thumb’s up on behalf of the community.

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Oh, get out of here..

That was me downplaying this surge, haha, on illegal sales of alcohol to a 20 year old deputy. But that's my role as you all know as the resident cynic. Do you really believe those young store clerks who don't make anything on selling to this officer who they may even know is an officer should be arrested? Not too many years ago, 18 year olds could legally buy alcohol. Now it's such a sanctimonious crime? Give me a break.

Little Lamb

Texting While Driving

I think I'd rather see a beer in the hands of a teen than to see one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on a cell phone.