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As expected, Magnolia Trace can't be stopped

Posted: January 11, 2012 - 12:03am  |  Updated: January 11, 2012 - 4:18am

For those who hoped a legal opinion from a Savannah lawyer would heroically derail the Magnolia Trace development, the belated news is more of a fizzle.

Not only is there nothing Columbia County commissioners can do to stop the “affordable housing” development in Martinez, but there likely was never anything they could have done to stop it in the first place.

Hired by red-faced commissioners after news of the development angered its neighbors, attorney Patrick O’Connor confirmed an effort to stop the project would fail – and could mean costly legal action that the county would lose.

While it might indeed be the case that commissioners neither enabled, nor could have stopped, Magnolia Trace, that doesn’t get them off the hook of public opinion for badly fumbling the issue.

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Yet, we know how to stop apartment construction

Interesting that we can stop apartment construction using nebulous reasons such as overcrowding putting strains on the infrastructure.

The lawyer they paid for this opinion mentioned we could run afoul of the Fair Housing Act, inferring that you can't legislate to keep low income people from moving to a county. Yet, it seems we have found ways to hold the number of apartments to specific areas and limit their number.

I suggest the same type maneuvers could have been used to keep the low rent development out. Zoning is something a county can do about what they want with is what I've seen if it suits commissioners. Dang the Fair Housing Act, full speed ahead.....if it affects your neighborhood. But if Ben Harbin, Lee Anderson and Nathan Deal are getting money from the Magnolia Trace operatives, we can't risk the wrath of the feds.