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County deserves accolades for flood response

Posted: June 8, 2013 - 11:03pm


A hearty “thank you” to the Roads and Bridges Department of Columbia County for their very prompt response to the torrential downpour occurring the night of Sunday, June 2 and early morning of Monday, June 3.

The Barrington subdivision experienced a washout of the only road connecting the estate section with the rest of the subdivision and exit to Stevens Creek Road. This washout essentially marooned the residents of the estate section from activities such as getting to work, keeping doctors’ appointments, etc.

Early on Monday morning I was looking into a chasm about 4 feet deep and 10 feet wide on Lakestone Court, and beginning to rethink my plans for the next several days. Amazingly, Columbia County Roads and Bridges was already there, with heavy equipment no less. Given the problems that must have existed around the county from the downpour, I would have figured we were on a list and looking at several days of coping. Even with the manpower and machinery on hand, a considerable length of time for restoration seemed in the offing because this section of road passed between two ponds and had a large pipe handling the runoff from one pond to the other. That pipe was no more.

To say I was surprised to learn that ingress and egress had been restored by midday is certainly an understatement. The afternoon appointment I had rescheduled was an unnecessary cancellation. Could you ask for any better responsiveness?

Columbia County has received recognition in some publications as a great community in which to live. Our government is in no small way responsible for those accolades. I cannot remember a single interaction with county employees in which I was disappointed or even unappreciated as a taxpayer. Moreover, they exhibit the kind of customer service skills that are more prevalent in private business.

Thanks to our commissioners, the county administrator and all department heads for their leadership in making Columbia County a good place to live, work and play. And thanks to each and every employee for your great attitude and your dedication to serving the residents of our great county.

Gene Renno


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And Cudo's to those who have paid the Rain Tax

for fifteen years. And now pay the additional Rain Tax Deux. And pay the salaries of public servants who ignore that "fluid mechanics" thingy. LOL LOL Lets rezone and sell some more swamp land in the 100 years Flood Plain.


A Good Thing

A good thing you're not in a gated community where you have to pay for your own roads.

Lamya Dalton

Having responsable

Having responsable authorities that help the community in matters of this kind, torrential downpour or other natural disasters is a great thing. They were very prompt and they definitely used a mulching machine in order to get the job done as soon as possible. In conclusion, all's well that ends well.

Lamya Dalton

This is a tragedy for local

This is a tragedy for local community, nobody expected a torrential downpour to happen. Everyone was thinking about summer activities, about purchasing custom fishing boats in order to have a well-deserved vacation. But this tragedy happenes and Roads and Bridges Department of Columbia County had to interfere.

Lamya Dalton

Even though the local

Even though the local community wasn't prepared for this natural disaster, Roads and Bridges Department of Columbia County definitely put up a fight. Maybe they used professionals that took some scuba classes like the ones you can see here: http://www.elitedivers.com/ . After all, it's important that the torrential downpour has passed and there are no victims.

Matt Rowney

This company is definitely

This company is definitely trustworthy, they always do their best in order to fight natural disasters. They even got roadside assistance from this company http://www.cash4junkcars-chicago.com/roadside-assistance/ in order to make things right as soon as possible. People were extremely frightened, especially because the disaster happened at night.

Pam Simon

The Roads and Bridges

The Roads and Bridges Department of Columbia County definitely deserves appreciation for all their hard work, not only in the night of Sunday, June 2. Their work is as appreciated as the one of the company that deals with toxic waste management in Los Angeles because it helps people in order to live in a better and healthier environment. This doesn't mean that is useless to thank them for their work and devotion, this kind of articles definitely makes them keep up the good work.


Hats off

Hats off to the leaders of Columbia who take care of maintaining the beauty of the city and help the local people in overcoming the damages caused due to bad weather conditions.
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