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Streetlights are an investment in prosperity

Posted: March 12, 2013 - 11:10pm  |  Updated: March 16, 2013 - 11:02pm


Recently, there was a headline on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle asking “is the grass greener” in Columbia County. My answer is a resounding yes except for one thing: the lack of street lights on major arterial roads in Columbia County.

I grew up on the Hill, now Summerville, and moved away for about 30 years. When I returned “home,” I moved to Columbia County because it was forward-looking and progressive.

In my opinion, if Columbia County wants to continue to grow and be viewed as progressive, it needs to act that way and use some of its tax dollars for street lights.

The recently improved intersection of Furys Ferry Road and Hardy McManus has one street light that barely does the job.

I could cite many other similar intersections. Some intersections have two, three or four traffic cameras, but only one street light.

My recommendation is that the county begin with the major arteries. They know where they are from traffic counts.

I also suggest that commissioners drive down Alexander Drive, which was recently widened between Riverwatch and Washington Roads, and see how a street can look with attractive street lighting.

I believe street lights would be an investment in the continued growth and prosperity of our county.

K.D. Nichols


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Light Pollution

Just to be the devil's advocate, there is another line of thinking that light pollution is bad. Some communities go to lengths to keep it at a minimum.

Little Lamb


Here is a link to a non-technical article about Light Pollution:

National Geographic

You might want to google "light pollution" and read the Wikipedia entry. Plus there are other websites out there about light pollution.

More street lights are not the answer if the street lights chosen are bad designs. There are designs out there that minimize stray light zooming skyward. The wavelength of street lighting also plays a role in light pollution.

I travel along Alexander Drive at least two nights every week. The lighting there is atrocious. It way brighter than it needs to be for safety and security. The light is wasted when it is directed skyward. Of course, the city traffic engineers who specified the polluting fixtures don't care about energy waste because taxpayers pay streetlight energy costs on our tax bills.