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Amazon is 'ignoring Georgia law'

Posted: March 10, 2013 - 1:06am


Obviously, considers itself big enough to ignore Georgia law and get away with it.
Last year, the Legislature passed and Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law a bill that required companies like Amazon, who have affiliates in this state, to collect sales tax on purchases made in Georgia.

The bill went into effect on Jan. 1, but Amazon continues to make sales here without collecting sales tax. As a result, local Georgia businesses who have to charge sales tax are suffering. As they continue to lose customers and are forced to scale back operations or shutter their doors completely, our communities will continue to feel the impact.

It’s time for Amazon to obey Georgia law. It’s also time for our federal officials to take action. Amazon operates all over the country, which means small businesses nationwide are suffering from the same unfair tactics by online competitors like Amazon. There is a bill before Congress – the Marketplace Fairness Act – that would require all businesses in the U.S. to collect sales tax on purchases, regardless of whether they are a local shop or an online outlet.

Georgia’s congressional delegation needs to support this bill and fight for its passage.

Larry Moore


Larry Moore is president of Trucks and Moore.

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Comments (13)


"Affiliates in the State"

What do you mean by affiliates in the state? If I order a trailer hitch from a company in SC I shouldn't have to pay sales tax. If you are saying because Amazon also sells toothbrushes from a company in Atlanta they are a Georgia company, I don't buy it. The model of stores has changed from brick and mortar ones to the Internet.

Barry Paschal

State law

He's referring to state law. Amazon has a physical presence - a distribution center - in Georgia, and by state law is required to collect and remit sales tax on items sold in Georgia.


Barry, I find that concept

Barry, I find that concept flawed, too. I view Amazon in Georgia as a distribution center only, much like UPS or something. They are simply sending the products made by other companies outside of Georgia in most cases to the buyers. To me it's pretty simple. Sales tax should be paid by a company that is actually located in state only on those items sold in state.

Little Lamb


Georgia (and probably other states as well) has convoluted its sales taxes such that it would be very hard for an out-of-state mail order business to figure out exactly how much state tax to levy. We have the general state sales tax, county-by-county state taxes, LOST, SPLOST, ELOST — and now the regional TSPLOST. TSPLOST applies in only a few counties. Some counties have fewer SPLOSTs than others do. And when you consider that groceries are exempted from general state sales taxes, but are NOT exempted from most LOSTs, then you've got a mess of a tax system.

If you send an order in to Amazon to buy a book, a DVD, and a jar of jelly, is Amazon going to recognize the fact that the jelly gets a lower sales tax than the book and the DVD? They'll probably hit you up with the entire 8% and then remit only the 4% to the state.

If you live in a non-TSPLOST region, do you think Amazon cares? You'll pay the 8% and Amazon will remit 7% to the state.

It costs money for businesses to collect and remit sales taxes. Those costs are reflected in their prices. Thanks a lot, Mr. Moore, for raising prices on us consumers. I'd just as soon not pay sales taxes on mail-order purchases.


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Online commerce is a

Online commerce is a convenient and profitable business and it would be a shame if people in Georgia would not have the possibility to purchase things on Amazon just because they didn't obey the law. A good online shopping experience is not only dependent on the quality telecommunications products and services like the ones offered by for instance, but also on respecting the legal framework. Amazon is one of the best platforms and hopefully they will comply with the local regulations, so we can continue shopping there.


Amazon is a big company but

Amazon is a big company but they can`t do whatever they want. If it`s a business then do whatever it takes to be fair and legal. There`s a rumor that they were selling products from and people always wondered if those products were genuine or not. If they were, let`s hope they gave the gratitude to those guys.


Amazon is one of the greatest

Amazon is one of the greatest international stores so of course it doesn`t need many commercials because everyone knows about it. But you were writing about all those small businesses. Those are the ones who now are in need of publicity and a company like Innovia CMC can make these small businesses to grow and make them be more competitive on the marketlist.

Rick Johnson

This is serious business,

This is serious business, they shouldn't mess with the law, regardless how profitable is. If they find out this is illegal, they should definitely turn to RhodeIisland bankruptcy lawyers in order to find justice. After all, there is nothing above law and respecting it should be a priority for everyone.

Rick Johnson

Even for, the

Even for, the Georgia law should be valuable and respected by everyone without exception. If they want to develop some new technology, POS solutions and auditing tools seem like the answer for this problem: . Even though Amazon is a big company, they can't go around doing whatever they want.

Rick Johnson is a big company is a big company but that's not a good reason for them to ignore the law. In matters of technology, anyone needs advices and tends to be the perfect place to look for solutions on this matter. To find out more about the importance of a digital advisor, you can check it out here: . All in all, thanks for the article, who would've that Amazon is capable of doing this?


No one should be above the

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