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Where does Columbia County sheriff stand on gun debate?

Posted: January 13, 2013 - 12:00am


I have been thinking for some time now about government efforts to restrict our right to own and/or carry firearms. Recently I heard that Vice President Joe Biden said President Obama might try to use the executive order to deal with the issue.

Whether it is dealt with through legislation or executive order, we don’t know to what extent those rights will be affected. Given that this country has about 3,300 counties and each one of those counties have a sheriff as a constitutional officer in his/her respective state, and each has taken a vow to uphold and enforce the law (local, state and federal), it gives me concern as to how Columbia County’s sheriff will execute his duty.

I know Sheriff Clay Whittle is on the pro-gun side of the argument, but the vow of his office would require him to enforce whatever law/executive order is passed or enacted. If he does not “officially” go on record before the event (law/executive order) occurs, it will be easy for him to default to the requirements of his vow.

However, if he is called to task ahead of time by stating his intent in a public forum, it will make it much more difficult for him to pass the buck by stating he is bound to his vow.

Columbia County gun owners need to hear their sheriff’s intent. Could a public forum be held for this purpose? I certainly believe it to be in the public’s best interest.

Bill Quattlebaum


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It would be nice to know the personal opinions

of our elected sheriff. But we do not think that they are relevant to his public office. This should have occurred when he was running for office. He has a mandate to uphold the law of the land. Whether he or we agree with the law. We would hope that the sheriff would believe all drunks should be removed from our roads and highways. That the God given right of an infant to life should be protected to the fullest extent of the law, as with a small child. That the law should be equally applied to all citizens. But, we live in a evil world with evil people. Laws must be enforced and therefore we need a organization and leadership to enforce those laws.

Jesus Christ expressed His personal opinion about the human laws of his day, but He did change any of them. The Pope values the sanctity of life, but many of his followers are politicians who kill babies.

We have an opportunity to ask, what do you stand for, sir or madam. It may be obvious that we do not ask the important questions at the right time? We send representatives to the highest offices in the land who have no moral values or backbones.


Sheriff Doesn't HAVE to Enforce Gun Laws

This sheriff in Oregon has flat out said he won't enforce these measures. From CNN:
-- An Oregon sheriff says he will not enforce any federal regulation that President Barack Obama lays out in his package of gun control proposals Wednesday.

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller joins several other public officials across the nation who have decided to square off with the White House even before it outlines what its plans are for expanded measures.

Mueller sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden this week saying he won't enforce any federal regulation "offending the constitutional rights of my citizens." He won't permit federal officers to come to his county to enforce such laws either, he said


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Lamya Dalton

Although Columbia county's

Although Columbia county's sheriff is pro-guns, the oposition claims not everyone should be able to carry firearms. Police officers, security officials and properly trained soldiers who understand the benefits of firearm coating should be the only ones with a gun license. Anti-gun people lobby for heavy restrictions to be placed on civilian gun licenses, except for professional marksmen.