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Constitutional amendments have damaged country

Posted: November 7, 2012 - 12:16am


Several years ago, I wrote that I felt 1913 was a very bad year for our republic. It recently has become even worse.

Very few people like the 16th Amendment. It has been shown that two competent tax experts often will get different results when asked to complete a complicated tax return.

Now we have another unforeseen result. We have no national budget. Before this amendment, the government depended on collecting tariffs and getting money from the states. This was done in proportion to the population of the states. That would be impossible to do if you had no total to be divided among the states. Another plus was that the federal government had no right to tax an individual for earning money.

The 17th Amendment has resulted in United States senators. They owe allegiance to their party and may no longer represent their state. The party gets them elected, not the state that they should be representing.

Now we are concerned about the lack of civility among our senators. When they represented their states there were disagreements within their own party and reason for agreements with the members of the opposite party.

They spent more time on the job rather than spending a lot of money and time trying to get elected. The state legislatures elected them.

Now? The checks and balances between the states and federal government no longer exist.

Ernest F. Daniel


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Amen and Amen

Amen and Amen.