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Paul Broun was telling the truth

Posted: October 16, 2012 - 11:07pm


Does Paul Broun believe what he said? Absolutely! (Barry Paschal column, Oct. 10, “Paul Broun, pander bear”). Is evolution true, No. Remember, it’s the theory of evolution, not fact.

There is no proof of the earth being millions of years old. There may be smart people in the county, but if you read The Book you would find out it was about 2000 years from Adam to Abraham, 2000 years from Abraham to Christ and now we are at 2012, so man has only been on earth about 6,000 years.

Study the genealogies as given in The Book.

The Bible will give you the days of creation not some big bang theory. Happy to inform you he was telling the truth.

Clarence T. Barinowski


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Use Your Evolved Brain

The evidence for evolution is quite extensive. Modern genetics allow us to trace species evolution back millions of years. You clearly are not a scientist as you do not seem to understand the scientific use of the word "theory". Gravity is also a theory.

The bible is a great book, made up of many stories written by people, for asking "Why we exist". For "how" stick with science by using the brains God has allowed to evolve in us.


"Proof" is in the science

There are a few words you're using in this letter, the definitions for which you may not quite understand. For example, when you say there is no "proof" that the earth is 4.54 billion years old, are you really just saying you don't understand physics? Which is fine if you don't, but then you must also believe there is no "proof" of radioactivity at the Fukushima power plant, or in radiation therapy to fight cancer, or that your smoke detector works because of low-activity, radioactive, americium-241, etc.