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Government too involved in lives

Posted: September 4, 2012 - 11:06pm


When it comes to our own health maintenance, we seem to have kicked the smoking habit and made Americans paranoid even to the extent of our neighbor having a smoke in privacy.

Cigarettes used to be issued to our armed forces on into the World War II era. Tobacco as well as alcohol was used as a tranquility drug. Today, calling a smoker stupid is stupid, remembering that some of the most illustrious and intelligent people were smokers.

Government is demanding more control over our lives and criminalization of smoking is not an unforeseeable future.

The non-winnable war on drugs simply proves our own failure of self-control. The enemy is within us!

Instead of the “nerve soothing” smoke, we have now started stuffing ourselves with food – the wrong kind of food.

Today’s obesity epidemic has shown one of the culprits to be high fructose corn syrup found in many foods and drinks. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and with this comes all of the resulting illnesses and medical costs.

This high fructose diet also has debilitating effects on our brains, making us dumb as well as fat.

S.G. von Schweinitz


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S.G. you are correct

The government decides who is the evil villain. No longer does God define evil. By design, Yes. Control the masses, Yes.

A direct correlation can be drawn from the time government demonizing "fats" and replacing the flavors with increased sugars and salts. Remove the fat from the American diet and adding the fat in Americans. Sugar and simple carbs.

Create a system of centralized food distribution and control that demands more and more preservatives that counteract natural digestion. Create more and more hybrid foods that are not compatible with human metabolism.

This drug is evil, that one is not. Nicotine evil. Grain alcohol is fun and indispensable to life.

Lamya Dalton

The government is never too

The government is never too involved. The problem is that the government is involved without doing something for the people. If you visit Houston ENT you will find an example of what should be happening in each state. Everyone thinks that this means too much money but this isn't the truth.


Some health problems should

Some health problems should be controlled by the Government, but the others should be left in the hand of the citizens. For instance, the Government can arrange which are the areas where people are allowed to smoke, but it can not tell a person how much food to eat every day, to be skinny or a fat person. Such a person must find herself a balanced lifestyle and maybe to resort to a weight loss surgery to obtain a normal weight and to maintain it.


The Government should be

The Government should be interested in some business departments, not in our private lives. For example, to reduce the auto accidents, someone should do a commercial driver medical examiner training in order to control every driver that a transportation company has to be certain that he is healthy and able to drive the company's vehicles.


Our lives should be a private

Our lives should be a private matter, but if the Government wants to get involved in our lives, he should try to find solutions to some imminent problems, like domestic violence, common diseases, children; education and so on. For instance, those people who are abused by their partners should know that they can change their lives by joining the best online domestic violence classes. Following these classes they will know what they have to do to stop this abusive behavior.