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Lee Anderson 'will represent us well in Washington'

Posted: August 17, 2012 - 11:11am


I’m writing to wholeheartedly endorse my good friend Lee Anderson in the Republican run-off election for the 12th District congressional seat.

I’ve known Lee for decades. He is a man of great character, and I know he will represent us well in Washington. Lee knows what it means to be a public servant, and that is what we need from our next congressman.

Lee embodies the qualities we all seek in a public servant. He knows that he must be accessible to the people that he represents. I’ve seen it time and time again. When Lee Anderson receives a call from a constituent who has a true need, he works tirelessly until his constituent receives the services they deserve. Beyond the political rhetoric and policy, Lee is a man with a great commitment to God, and one who believes in our country and its people.

Lee Anderson has a deep love for Columbia County and he will work tirelessly to make sure it receives the finest representation. He has dedicated years of his life as a school board member, county commissioner and state representative to this county. Over those years, Columbia County has witnessed unprecedented growth and prosperity. Lee Anderson served us well then and will serve us well as we go forward.

I truly believe that Lee Anderson is the right man to take on John Barrow and represent us in Congress. He has developed an unparalleled network of supporters across the district, and that is how we must win in November. Lee is the right kind of hard-working public servant to work for Columbia County

Sen. Bill Jackson


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would not expect less

from another career politician. We will strike Bill off our list for next election. Statements are inconsistent with actions. A true friend knows who you are and excepts you anyway.


represent us well in DC

Boy can they play with words LOL Represent US. Who is US. The CC Republican Party and Lee's handlers. Citizen/taxpayers are on their own. As always.