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Elect Stephen Simpson to 10th District

Posted: July 10, 2012 - 11:04pm


We have a new choice for our representative of the 10th Congressional District in Georgia. He is Stephen Simpson. He has a very impressive bio.

He is a patriot and a man of action. He has sworn to uphold the Constitution. He has fought for the people of this country and, as a representative of the people, he will fight for their rights and freedoms.

Who could ask for more?

On the other hand, we have an incumbent, Paul Broun, who has occupied the office but has not honored his “oath of office” and has been totally unresponsive to requests that he do so.

I have been in contact with him and his staff for more than four years with regard to his “non-actions.” All I received back were namby-pamby form letters signifying nothing.

The elections are on. If you want representation in Washington, vote for Stephen Simpson.

Bob Cipperly


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And who pray tell honors their oath....

It is hard to believe that this particular candidate out of all of the others is an oath keeper. Not only political candidates, but the general public, has lost the value of an oath. A man's word is bond. No more. Buyer beware is 2012. A disclaimer should accompany every word, not just on TV. In CC, incumbents are the norm. We love them. We receive information from Broun. Nothing from Chambliss and Issakson.


A breath of fresh air for the 10th district of Georgia

I’ve gotten to know Stephen Simpson very well during this campaign and he is a breath of fresh air. While Mr. Broun just received his 12th ethics violation in 5 years, Mr. Simpson has served in the US Army for over 20 years and epitomizes Duty, Honor, Country and Character above all. Throw the bums out, we need leaders and not politicians guiding our country. It’s time for a change!


Who knows the truth about Paul Broun?

Is it true that Paul Broun divorced his third wife leaving her with an unpaid joint tax lien with the IRS? He claims to be a Christian but his actions seem to set a much different standard. Just Google him, I was amazed. Not sure about this Simpson guy but he can’t be as bad as Paul Broun.


Reply to who knows the truth about Paul Broun?

Sadly it is true. For someone who claims to be a christian his actions speak otherwise. In growing up my parents instilled in me the phrase "actions speak louder than words." In my oppinion our current representation to the U.S. House of Reps. is sad and full of hot air and empty promises. In the past three campaigns I've watched Doctor (and I use that term extremely loosely) Paul Broun go from one county to another and tell each a different story of what he will do in Washington. What it boils down to Broun just tells people what they want to hear, and I personally would like to have a congressman in Washington, with all of the economic and other troubles we are facing today, with a little more gusto and full of promises that he will keep. Broun has reached his full one term where if he were to not win re-election he gets his full salary for life, I just wish he would gracefully bow out of the race and let someone go into Washington that will actually do this district some good. Whenever I bring up Broun's name it is an echoing sound when they all say "Broun is an embarassment and disgrace to the voters of the 10th district of Georgia and to the great state of Georgia." Simpson in 2012!