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Voter ID is neccessary

Posted: July 3, 2012 - 11:07pm


In all industrialized countries, residents and citizens have identification cards by law. Whether you are a language-limited or minority person, a “voter ID” card is a logical document, especially under a government that provides public services and so-called entitlements. A 10-year Census gives a democratic government a basis for a fair representation.

I saw a letter in The Wall Street Journal last month by a member of the ACLU claiming that the states’ voter ID laws are discriminating against illiterate or poor people. How absurd. No country offers more help to accomplish voters registration than the United States and its individual states.

The ACLU calls it a “discriminatory impact on minorities.” Not only is this devoid of any common sense, but it’s designed to lead uneducated people into the Socialist camp to be easily manipulated by leftist Democrats.

Today’s public education system is maintaining low standards, coming in with results below formerly third world countries such as Lithuania, Poland and Hungary. It is designed to develop the leftist mind control needed for a dictatorial government to operate.

S.G. von Schweinitz


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To Renew My Driver's License, I Need...

I now need my birth certificate, social security card and a light bill to renew my license. How hard is it to show ID to vote?


no problem with photo ID

for entitlements, toys, turkeys, FDA surplus. Bring out the portfolio of the entire extended family. Birth certificates, Medicaid cards, light bills, court mandated child support receipts, etc..