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Information on school finances needed

Posted: June 19, 2012 - 11:07pm


Two years ago I was in a Columbia County School Board meeting and heard the school board informed that if they pass the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, the school system would be out of debt in two years.

It has been two years, and now I understand teachers will be laid off, class sizes will increase and the superintendent who said that got a raise. Something does not sound right to me and I want to know what.

Bobby Ray Strickland


(Bobby Ray Strickland is a candidate for the District 4 seat on the Columbia County Board of Education.)

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How government works

We have been told over and over again. Government cannot be run like a business. Government can't be run like the military. Efficiency and financial responsibility are out. Disciplined conduct by the "troops" is out. Look at what is left. Layer upon layer of waste and total lack of responsibility to taxpayers (their bosses).


I thought the reason was obvious...

While the ESPLOST has provided money, we have simultaneously lost MILLIONS in funding from the state...

Barry Paschal

More obviously....

ESPLOST funding cannot be used for salaries. It can be used only for capital expenditures.


Running for office Mr. Strickland?

I would imagine that anyone running for a school board seat would have known that bit of information prior to submitting letters to the NewsTimes. I'm sure you are a fine man Mr. Strickland; however, even I know how SPLOST can be used.

By the way Mr. Strickland, weren't you a bus driver? I seem to remember something about you being involved with a school bus union. That union is involved or was involved in a lawsuit against the school system. The moneys used to defend bus driver lawsuits could have been used to keep my childrens parapro or hire another teacher.

To Soapy, I am a government employee and assure you that I am NOT an employee of yours or any other taxpayer.

Craig Spinks

Fresh eyes

With all due respect to Ms. Sullivan and to auditors from the GDOE as well as from Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, the financial records of the CCBOE as well as those of every other tax-funded educational entity in our state should be scrutinized by competent, disinterested, out-of-state auditing firms.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence