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Campaign will focus on ending income tax

Posted: June 2, 2012 - 11:01pm


I am running as a Republican for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 121, which covers much of McDuffie and Columbia counties. Before the July 31 election, I hope to meet each of you and earn your support.

I decided to run because I believe our government spends too much and taxes too much. We need to get back to the basic Christian values that made our country great. There are too many people dodging personal responsibility today and asking the government to take care of their every need.

Instead of more government programs, we should focus on limiting those things which slow job growth, such as regulations and taxes. If elected, I plan to lead the fight to end income taxes in Georgia. Ending the income tax would bring job growth and a better economic recovery. The Fair Tax advocated by former U.S. Rep. John Linder is just what it says: a “fairer” way to run our state.

I was born and raised in the district. Because my wife Paige and I hope to raise our son in a better society, I intend to dedicate my service to the values that built this land: support of the traditional family and marriage, support of innocent life, personal responsibility for the children you bring into this world, and a strong dedication to our basic freedoms, such as Second Amendment rights. I’m proud to be a life member of the NRA, have served as chairman of the deacons at our church, and most importantly, to be a husband and a father committed to making sure my family is my responsibility, not the taxpayers.

I would also like to start this campaign doing something not always done in elections, that is to say something positive about my opponent. Mike Popplewell and I met on the afternoon of Sept. 26, 2011, at my office and discussed our race. We talked about the Christian faith we share and how this election should be run. We shook hands and agreed it should be a positive campaign by both our camps without negative campaigning and attacks against each other. I commend him for this, and say thanks for your pledge.

I look forward to meeting each voter and ask you to contact me with your thoughts and ideas on how to make this a better Georgia: www.barryfleming.org.

May God bless our country and may we act in such a way that we deserve it!

Barry Fleming


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Rain Tax

As a 37 resident of CC, I have only had two encounters with Barry Fleming. Both were at "marathon rain tax" meetings. Both were billed as "public information meetings". Initially we citizens were introduced to a uniformed armed deputy, with arms folder in front of his chest, and told there would be order. This before there was an issue with order. Then when citizens were allowed to speak, they were rebuffed and called out of order. One very knowledgeable gentleman challenged the authorities of the CC commission and asked for a vote in front of the "overflow citizens' meeting". Immediately, one of the CC commissioner got up and left the meeting as the deputy came near the seated commissioners. The CC commissioner effectively "removed the quorum" needed for the vote requested. Mr. Fleming's participation in this violation of the basics rights does not represent "government of the people, by the people and for the people". I view him as just another "career politician" who will say anything to get elected. Thus said, he will get elected because he fits the CC mold.


smaller government and christain values

Smaller government, Christian Values and No Income Tax. The only thing not on the list is "hunger children". All are "hot button issues" for politicians desiring "public service". They are also issues that don't have a chance of legislative passage. Is not the CC government the largest employer in CC? I'm sure some of our citizens do not want to be ruled by a Christian Government. And, there is no "fair, equally distributed", Fair Tax.