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TSPLOST bad for poor, small towns

Posted: March 20, 2012 - 11:00pm


I recently read Barry Paschal’s Feb. 22 column regarding Georgia’s Transportation Local Option Sales Tax, “Transportation sales tax unlikely to win approval.”

While I agree transportation needs improvement, I am against the TSPLOST for two main reasons.

It is a regressive tax against the low income, fixed income, and other poor. The poor have no disposable income; every penny they get is spent on living. A 1-percent sales tax takes a loaf of bread a week out of the mouth of a poor child.

The other problem I have with the TSPLOST is it leads to regional government, thereby crushing local county home rule. That regional government is not chartered by the state of Georgia constitution to abide by certain rules and laws. There are no rules or laws pertaining to the regions in the State. It is not chartered as a government entity, and there are no elected representatives on a region level.

The regions also are not balanced by population numbers, as the larger counties have sway over the smaller counties in sheer number of voters.

A vote against the 1-percent tax is also a vote against regional government.

Mike Sims

Blairsville, Ga.

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I agree Mike!

Very good points Mike - and I agree with you 100%. These are the reasons why I have taken the stance to not support the T-Splost as well.
We need to find a way to improve transportation, but not at the cost of a new tax.

Butch Holley
Columbia County Commission District 3

Little Lamb

Just Say No

I, too, oppose the regional TSPLOST. The politicians from the region sit around and wheel and deal until they come up with a list that satisfies the politicians of the region. But when the tax money starts rolling in, you watch and see the list get modified to the detriment of the less politically connected.

Oh, yes, and a LOT of the regional TSPLOST money on the proposed list goes to subsidize the Augusta bus system. You would think that Augustans should pay for that; not people from all the counties in the region.