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All "Charlie Rape Gang" members should have been expelled

Posted: March 7, 2012 - 12:02am


All of these students at Lakeside Middle School should have been expelled for the remainder of the school year.

For three of the students, an exception was made because they had no prior disciplinary problems. There is a first time for everything. Many thieves, rapists and murderers have no previous felonies.

As a school system and county, we, as citizens, must take action against those who may do it again, at the detriment of others.

These students should be expelled from our school system because they were a part of a gang, which is not allowed in a civilized and structured society, no matter their age.

Please, with the input from our judicial system and the Columbia County school system, re-think what penalties, or lack thereof, should be enforced and demonstrate to our citizens, our students and parents that gang violence will not be tolerated here.

Jeania C. Howard


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Little Lamb


. . . a part of a gang, which is not allowed in a civilized and structured society . . .

There is just one small technicality with Ms. Howard's assertion — the U.S. Constitution, Amendment One. The very first definition in my dictionary of the noun gang is

a group of persons working together

Only the second definition gets into the subtleties of unlawful or antisocial behavior. See, gang is neutral. Gangs can work (or play) for good or for evil.

And Ms. Howard's assertion that all five deserve precisely the same punishment even though the five have different discipline records would lead to interesting consequences, if carried out with no discretion whatsoever. Somebody needs to apply discretion, judgment, and mercy at some point or we may descend to a level where our society is no longer “civilized and structured,” to use Ms. Howard's words.


Like a Pair of Shoes Hung on Line

This is the equivalent of someone seeing a pair of shoes on a power line and demanding the SWAT team take action.

I predicted a long time ago this would get out of hand with some demanding more and more extreme measures be taken against the boys. It's just a Columbia County thing.