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Questions remain in case of 'Charlie Rape Gang'

Posted: February 26, 2012 - 12:02am  |  Updated: February 29, 2012 - 10:36am


These “Charlie Rape Gang” incidents at Lakeside Middle School raise so many questions and issues, and all provide an opportunity for teaching important points and demonstrating leadership.

The first two victims to step forward have both been males. This speaks volumes about the gang members’ sexual development. It also points out the fact that “rape,” whether actual or “simulated,” as in these cases, is an act of violence and not necessarily motivated by sexual desire. I wonder if any of these “pranks” were pulled on female students? If they had been, I would hope the response would be more swift and stronger than two days’ suspension.

Had I a granddaughter going there, I certainly wouldn’t want her dating any of these gang members a few years from now, not at least until I was sure they had more maturity than they have displayed here.

Why buy more video cameras, as Felicia Turner, the principal, suggested? We’d just be spending funds to find out something we discovered anyway by inquiring and, even with that info, did little about it. Two days’ suspension might have taken on more meaning and value if the gang were required to spend those suspension days and nights at the Augusta Regional Youth Detention Center. I’m sure they’d get a real feeling of the terror their victims felt when confined with groups of older, stronger males who feel no restriction to just “simulating” these acts.

What of the students who witnessed these “games”? Why did no one step forward and say, “Hey, guys, stop that. Enough is enough. This is not funny.” Why did no one go to the principal’s office right away and report it?

All that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. If ever there was a time to call on Judge Wade Padgett to speak to a school group, this is it.

School Superintendent Charlie Nagle should “man up” and say something about this issue. Turner, for her part, has really lost many people’s confidence in her ability to lead. When asked by a televsion reporter about the statement made by one victim’s mother, she replied she was sorry the woman felt that way.

This cold and callous response reminded me of the BP CEO’s remark wishing all this coverage of the Gulf spill would just go away so he could get on with his life.

BP’s CEO was replaced; maybe Turner will find her career in school leadership a victim of this “game,” along with the others.

Bill Trammell


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For the Sake of Accuracy

I'd like to remind everyone there's a world of difference in middle school kids playing rape than actual rape in case we get off tract here. Nobody's clothes came off, etc. The victims didn't believe they were actually being raped. It was a humiliating joke is the truth of the matter.


I guess you think this is

I guess you think this is normal middle school behavior. That is the problems you talk just like most middle school principals.

Little Lamb

Video Games

Do you reckon the boys might have learned this behavior from some of their video games?


Charlie Rape Gang???? (This post is on all CRG articles) new

What some of these persecutors fail to understand is that these are CHILDREN. At no point does the board or Juvenile Court say that they have explained to these young minds the severity of what they were doing, or how it is deemed socially unnacceptable.

A 30min hearing, irrate biased parents, and ill-representation on the students part does not constitute these kids on being guilty for anything less than, making "Juvenile decisions."(Similar to popping bra straps, or "Nut-checking")
"Marking" these students for the rest of their life, and subjecting them to this "Harassment" is far worse than anything they have done. You adults need to talk about ways to help these kids, not persecute them. All of these students deserve a second chance at life.