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GOP chairman fails to push for term limits

Posted: February 1, 2012 - 12:02am


I would like to commend Columbia County Commission Chairman Ron Cross for showing political courage by raising the topic of term limits for county commissioners. In the July 2010 Republican primary, 88.01 percent of Columbia County voters supported them. I was not among them as I believe that an informed electorate will instill “term limits.” If someone is doing what I believe to be a good job, then I want for him/her to remain in office until I feel otherwise. I oppose recycling politicians instead of demanding public servants.

After the July 2010 vote, the then-chairman of the Columbia County GOP sent a letter to our state legislative delegation explaining the people’s wishes, a letter that went nowhere and quick. The delegation did, however, take up term limits for Board of Elections members and supported TSPLOST, a massive tax increase. The chair’s term ended in March 2011, and Brian Slowinski took over.

In August 2011 and in September 2011, the local GOP’s Executive Board voted to instruct Slowinski to send a letter to the delegation regarding term limits. He refused. Now, recently, Cross took charge of this issue, and in so doing, might have saved (the Republican Party’s) tax-exempt status.

I say this because when the party takes money, be it via dues, fundraising, whatever, it has a fiduciary responsibility to act upon certain matters. A vote by Republicans to call for term limits is such a responsibility that a past chair accepted, and Slowinski didn’t. Between August 2011 and January 2012, anyone in a leadership position could have written a quick little 100-word letter, right?

A board member told me that during an open meeting a colleague said that this is a “Republican county” and we need not worry about a Democrat holding on to a commission seat for long. Right. By the way, just recently Chairman Slowinski nominated a former president of the Young Democrats of Augusta, who is associated with Young Democrats of America, to be his fundraising chair. ...

Lee Benedict


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Regarding Executive Board Meetings

I actually attended the Columbia County Republican Committee Executive Board meetings in August and September. I have also reviewed the approved minutes from those meetings to refresh my memory. During the September meeting there was some discussion about sending a letter to the Georgia Legislature however, no motion was made, therefore no vote was called that would require such a letter.


OK Rick...so explain the

OK Rick...so explain the ethics complain against Slowinski regarding his refusal to act and your lame response claiming that it was done in 2010, so Slowinski doesn't have to do it in 2011/2012, even though the Board instructed him to. Oh, why not comment on the fact that others claim that they discussed the letter with Slowinski and he said that he did not have the time? Nice spin, doesn't wash.


What about nominating the

What about nominating the former president of Young Democrats of Augusta to be Fundraising Chair?


Lee Slowinski did have time

Lee Slowinski did have time to do a lot of things between meetings, I always found that real odd since he dosen't have a job.


What about Brian Slowinski's

What about Brian Slowinski's Letter to the Editor that appeared in The Augusta Chronicle? You know, the letter admonishing Saxby Chamblis and John Hardy Isakson for their vote on a civil liberty matter? Why would a "Chairman" of a "Republican" "organization" submit a letter of admonishment about Georgia's "Republican" US Senators? Why would the Executive Board give approval for Slowinski to address the public in his capacity as "Chairman"? Unless he acted on his own without the EB's consent. Slowinski and protocol and bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order have never been friends.


Rick, did someone submit a

Rick, did someone submit a rebuttal letter? If so, this "what the definition of the word 'is' is" defense will be laughable. Primary season will be so fun given this sideshow known as the CCGOP...the candidates will be well versed about its agenda and manipulation.


Jim, you were present for at

Jim, you were present for at least one of the meetings in question, right? What was said? I have emailed Brian Slowinski and Ethics Chairman Rick Hannon a few times asking for the official status of my ethics complaint and a copy of the minutes of the meeting(s) in which the complaint was discussed. Neither "officer" responded...hmmn...I wonder why. I have a request in to Sue Everhart, perhaps she can help.


Jim, why is no one from

Jim, why is no one from Columbia County an officer of the 10th CD GOP? Neither Slowinski nor former 10th officer Debbie McCord let the residents know of the convention. I guess that they are only concerned about the "new 12th" and want for the second-most densly populated GOP county outside of the Atlanta area to not be represented in the 10th?


Jim, I thought that

Jim, I thought that candidates are to be listed in alphabetical order? They are listed in order on the CCGOP website...with ONE exception, the 12th/new 12th. Lee Anderson is listed first even though he is not the first alphabetically. Odd, isn't it? Not really. Slowinski is a Facebook fan of Lee Anderson for Congress, and, other Executive Board members support Anderson. Then again, given his Federal Reserve stance, maybe they really do think that Anderson come first alphabetically?


Jim, didn't the prior Chair,

Jim, didn't the prior Chair, Pat Goodwin, mail the letters to our delegation regarding term limits AND speak personally with Senator Jackson and Representatives Anderson and Harbin, asking/suggesting they speak with the Carl Vinson Institute or their fellow county commissioners assoication to investigate what is a suggested number of terms one should be allowed to serve?


Jim, remember when the

Jim, remember when the Lawrence Hammond situation was happening? How many articles were published in this very paper about the situation? And if I recall, only one side was presented. Funny that this Slowinski/McCord debacle and the mass resignation of SEVEN Executive Board members goes unreported. It appears as though not all is kosher in Columbia County politics or Columbia County media.


Rick, respond at your

Rick, respond at your leisure...and after to coordinate a story and strategy with Brian and Debbie.


Rick, what about this

Rick, what about this Slowinski statement, "Appointments to Executive BoardDear Fellow Board Members,For your consideration, I am Making the following appointments to fill vacant positions:...Fundraising- Alphonso Harris Jr.Alphonso is married, father of two young girls
and is seeking his Master's Degree in Information Technology Systems. He is in Naval Intelligence and is stationed at Fort Gordon (sic)". He forgot to mention, past President of Young Democrats of Augusta. Why did he omit this fact? Duh!


Sorry, I'm Not a Regular Reader

Sorry Lee, I'm not a regular reader of the CCNT. The resignations of Executive Board members were reported by Sylvia Cooper in the Augusta Chronicle. I can't explain the actions of former or current Executive Board members. I furnished you my correct contact information several weeks ago--feel free to contact me anytime.


Rick, I did use that email

Rick, I did use that email address when I asked you for:
A) the official finding(s) of my complaint
B) a copy of the minutes from the meeting(s) in which the complaint was discussed
C) I also sent the request to Das Chairman, and he too refused to honor the simple request
D) can I now infer that you will inform me of A and provide B?

Why did Chairman Brian Slowinski nominate a Democrat to be Fundraising Chair?

Why is Lee Anderson's name listed first on your website's list of candidates for the 12th?

Why was no one from Columbia County notified of the 10th CD convention? Some of Columbia County will remain in the 10th, and, at the time of the convention, Debbie McCord was an officer in the 10th and Brian Slowinski was Chairman of COLUMBIA COUNTY, so why the refusal to promote the convention?