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Commissioners knew what they were approving with Magnolia Trace resolution

Posted: December 18, 2011 - 12:01am  |  Updated: December 18, 2011 - 3:47am


I cannot believe District 2 Columbia County Commissioner James “Trey” Allen’s piousness towards his constituency, and the public in general, regarding his unwavering support of Resolution 10-852, the Magnolia Trace deal, adopted on June 15, 2010.

Allen made the motion to approve 10-852, meaning he read, understood and is behind the one-page resolution. Now he claims that he didn’t know it was to build affordable/low-income/subsidized housing? Please. ...

The commission was impassive about residents’ concern for their property’s future value. It wasn’t all that long ago when local media reported that Allen and others would withhold rent payments on his business if a certain tenant moved into a nearby space, claiming that it’s bad for his business. Wouldn’t be the first time. Superior Court, Civil Action 2009CV0940 claims that Allen refused to pay his previous location’s rent to Academy Center LLC totaling $81,870.96 (after taking $28,500 from the owner).

Commissioners voted to pass the resolution knowing the Department of Community Affairs’ intent because some DCA employees told it to some commissioners. Now, they orchestrate a five-act saga claiming that nothing could have been done and it’s a “no-win situation.” Please. In another faked act of concern, they will give tax dollars to an attorney to investigate the matter. They passed 10-852 without discussion or question. ..

If I were a Commissioner, I would have voted “nay.” If/when DCA balked, it would have been directed to our legislative delegation.

The commission suggests that the landlord conduct credit and background checks on potential tenants. The Declaration of Land Use Restrictive Covenants clearly states, “…Owner is prohibited from refusing to lease a Low-Income Unit to a holder of a voucher or certificate of eligibility under Section 8… because of the status of the prospective tenant as such a holder.” We’re not as ignorant as commissioners think we are!

This commission, as a collective group, is an apathetic, arrogant and ignorant lot in need of major renovations. In fairness, it has gotten away with its games and disingenuousness this long, so why not give it another go? The people have stood up, and it’s about time.

Lee Benedict


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Sweet son

Lee's Letter to the Editor

Commissioners knew what they were approving with Magnolia Trace resolution! The title says it all! They knew; they approved; and they didn't care because it wasn't in their neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Magnolia Trace

Why does this kind of real estate action always get started before anyone has a chance to stop it? I can't help but wonder where the next development, like Magnolia Trace will rear its ugly head!




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