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Posted: May 4, 2014 - 12:15am
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Low class

All of Bartley's claims can be proven factual...he has the documents to back up each one. Ron Cross should be in jail. However, RON CROSS' people are throwing mud at Jim Bartley and removing his signs (A COUNTY EMPLOYEE REMOVED ONE FROM PRIVATE PROPERTY 30 FEET FROM A PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY), and a Cross diehard supporter who is running another campaign told a bunch lies about Bartley while at an event for THAT candidate (a candidate I will now never vote for).

The cartoon is true: Cross is mud slinging and engaging in dirty tricks, yet he's in a suit and will speak of nothing until AFTER the election. Eventually Ron Cross will have to answer, and I'll just offer two things below.

1) How long can the Columbia administrator Scott Johnson and the county engineers keep covered up from the voters that they met with the EPA on April 22nd until 10pm about the developer on William few parkway that has put 3-plus feet deep of silt hundreds of feet long in Euchee Creek? This is not the only meeting Columbia County has had with the EPA about this developer and this developer has been a big financial. supporter of RON CROSS in each campaign! No press coverage, I guess after the ELECTION...

2) AN OPEN RECORD REQUEST sent to Ron Cross' Clerk: "I would like to see any emails between ... and ... between June 25-27 2012.

"The records you requested on January 10, 2014 (“..any emails between ... and ... between June 25-27 2012”) do not exist."

"I am sending you the open records law, I know this email exist in your records it was sent on June 27th 2012."

"As we discussed on the telephone, attached are the email communications between ... and ... between June 25-27 2012."

BELOW IS ONE EMAIL THAT RON CROSS TRIED TO KEEP FROM A CITIZEN (and opposing counsel in a lawsuit) - kinda blows his "everything is out in the open" claim out of the water. And oh by the way, members of the local media HAVE HAD THIS INFORMATION LONGER THAN I HAVE, but for some reason are keeping this out of the "news". 1) Speaks volumes for the local media's credibility, 2) Another glaring example of what a shyster we have in Ron Cross, a guy who allows anything as long as you give to his campaign. Just look at the names in this one email and then look at his Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports for just the last year, and while you're at it, look at his appointees. So read it and ask why the media censored this (we can figure it out) for so long that I had to bring the corruption to the public's knowledge.

On Jun 27, 2012, at 10:13 AM, "..." <...@columbiacountyga.gov> wrote:
As per our conversation :
I was ask to start doing residential Soil and Erosion inspection again. I will do what is ask of me but I feel like I was CHASTISED for doing my job by some of the builders of this county. I was accused of several things- not being on my jobs, no doing my job, not knowing my job, etc.
I was hung out to dry by Aaron Sullivan because he though I was a member of the SERRIA CLUB and that I had turn him into them for filling in Euchee Creek with silt from Magnolia Trace, while I was doing my job at The Hill @ Berkeley Hills. Aaron attacked me and my character. I was accused wrongfully of things that my husband did, he DOES NOT
WORK FOR COLUMBIA COUNTY it had nothing to do with me and I had ask if it was OK for my husband to do this because I work for Columbia County and with the builders and was told that it was OK. Aaron had you all (you, Kevin, George @ Richard) take me off the job at The Hills @ Berkeley Hills, because he did not want me on his job, I was not on his job site, then you all give me an oral warning for something that my husband did for a builder.
Steven Beazley has been in this office several times trying to get me fired because I have done my job, has threatened to go to the media with lies and Ron Cross about me to get me fired.
The Ivey's (Mark/Jake) had try to get me fired at one time.
Ron Ray has tried to get me fired for doing my job, for trying to keep silt out of state waters and out of the storm drains.
Dean Conn has tried several times to get me fired because of the thing he was trying to do on his job site. I was taken off of his job site to. Who took Dean Conn to court for taking out the 25 foot STATE WATER BUFFER.
Mike, I have work with some of the most powerful developers/builders in this county, if there was a problem we could all ways work it out and not have any problems such as I have had with the above name ones. (Larry and Smitty Prather, Tommy Johnson). Also most of the inspectors are afraid to deal with Jim Bartley on any of his job sites? When every there was some thing I found wrong on Jim Bartley job site I would tag his lot and then call him and he would have it fix ASAP and then Jim would thank me for call him. I don't understand this because as you know Bartley is not a person that is easy to get a long with at times.
Who found out what was going on at Keystone Daycare?
4. The contractor MR B. Jojnson had no business license
5. Mr B. Johnson is not a gen. contractor
I work for you all and I will do what is ask of me. You all did not treat me fair in what was done to me , put me on six months probation for not doing my job, taking me out of residential and now you all are asking me to do that job again. Mike, I am very happy doing commercial and the stream bank E & S sites. Don't take them away from me an give me back all the residential sites that I had.
I will only ask one thing - I went to Willow Lake and it looks DEPLORABLE all the progress I made there has all been undone. I would appreciate that whoever is currently over the Jones Creek/Willow Lake area to have it put back into 100% compliance with BMP"S in place and it be approved by you and Keven , before I take the site back over. That way I hope the builders in that subdivision will not start a witch hunt for me and persecute me as I was before doing my job.
Will you e-mail me back and let me know what I am to be doing.



Bartley is running a clean campaign and simply speaking with the people.