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Author seeks information on Columbia County's fallen soldiers

Posted: May 31, 2014 - 11:01pm

Dear editor,

I’m seeking help finding information for publication of a book which will identify Columbia County’s war dead. This book has been four years in the making and is nearing completion. I’m hoping to make contact with any known family members of the below listed soldiers from Columbia County that died in various wars for inclusion:

These soldiers died in World War I:

Sam Avery (from Evans)

Barney C. Bivins, (Martinez)

John T. Burnett, (Grovetown)

Eddie Deamond, (Winfield)

Ellis Evans, (Harlem)

Gordon Hendrix, (Harlem)

John H. Hill, (Grovetown)

Preston Hunter, (Leah)

Doughty M. Jansen, (Grovetown)

Moses S. Murray, (Martinez)

Claude Seay, (Appling)

Willie L. White, (Grovetown)

Selwyn B. Williamson, (Harlem)

Alvin P. Youngblood, (Grovetown)

These soldiers died in World War II:

Robert Bryan, (Grovetown)

Walter J. Fullbright, Jr.,(Appling)

Earl W. Huff, (Harlem)

Frank L. Kauffman, (Martinez)

Roy Padgett, (Harlem)

Howard Pearre, (Harlem)

Harold E. Reid, Army, (Winfield)

Herbert Rochester, (from ?)

Thomas W. Smith, (Appling)

Willie S. Sweatman, (Harlem)

George R. Vaughn, (Grovetown)

If you are a relative or know any family members of the above listed soldiers from Columbia County that died in war, please contact:

David Butler at ccwardead@gmail.com.

David Butler,


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