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Cross's leadership needed for next four years

Posted: April 29, 2014 - 11:13pm

Dear editor:

I have supported Ron Cross in all three previous Chairman’s races and will do so again. I have worked with the Chairman on many community efforts ranging from the development of the Evans Towne Center Park to getting a center turn lane on Washington Road approved by DOT. I’ve sat in countless meetings with him dealing with SPLOST, recreation projects, as well as the Growth Management Plan. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and someone who puts our County first. Our triple AAA bond rating is a result of his leadership. Ron has been, by far, the most vocal supporter of small business in our County. Ron Cross has led the charge to adopt smart-growth policies in spite of criticism from self-serving profiteers like his opponent and his supporters. Ron has represented our County with class and dignity. It’s been a privilege to work alongside him and I look forward to four more years of success in Columbia County with Ron Cross at the helm.

Lawrence Hammond, Evans

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"criticism from self-serving profiteers like his opponent and his supporters." You mean profiteer Ivey? The guy with SIX pleas of "Guilty" for damage done to the County, each carried a $1,080 fine and 60 days probation. He and his brother even in 2014 continue to donate to Cross? BTW, didn't Ron Cross appoint Ivey to some board? Try to spin those facts. This week, a Columbia County employee was removing Bartley signs from PRIVATE PROPERTY 30 feet from the public right of way.

In 2014, a citizen submitted an open records request for emails sent between the County’s Environmental Compliance Manager and someone from the Construction and Inspection division over a specific three day period. The response given by the newly minted County Clerk appointed by Cross: “The records you requested on January 10, 2014…do not exist.” After the requestor responded with a copy of the open records law and the sentence, “I am sending you the open records law, I know this email exist in your records it was sent on…”, and 12 hours later, the Clerk provided them.

In these public records were names, infractions, and claims of Cross allies trying to get a County employee fired for doing his/her job. It also states that Cross’ opponent has discovered numerous significant violations and public hazards that have been and are being addressed and remedied.

This year Ron Cross reported a maximum contribution of $2,500.00 from an LLC, which is fine. However, he also reported a $1,000.00 donation from that LLC’s agent which means that he exceeded the maximum contribution from a donor.

Yeah, Ron Cross is an honorable leader? Again, spin those facts.
PS: prior to ad hominem attacks and redirections, I have copies of all of this stuff and can prove what I state.