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Where is the justice?

Posted: March 15, 2014 - 11:09pm

Dear editor:

I would just like to express my disgust with Columbia County’s decision to allow Kay Allen to get off with only paying back $80,000 of the $160,000.

Sounds like favoritism to an elected official to many of us.

But yet when one of your citizens gets caught having a drink or two and driving, we are crucified, forced to attend expensive classes, a day in jail, license taken away and put on probation.

What amount of probation did Columbia County give Kay Allen? How much jail time?

This is ludicrous. Thank you Columbia County. Where’s the justice here?

Pamela Burns, Martinez

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Justice belongs to the "king and his court" in CC. Look at your

rulers. They buy you schools, strip malls and outdoor entertainment with your money and in exchange for your servitude. You give your money and unvarying trust in a system enforced by armed guards ready and willing to tell you where "your rights begin and end".

Hence the audacity to collect taxes "in THEIR own personal name" for THEIR own personal amusement and pleasure.

Little Lamb


Ms. Burns hasn't been reading the on-line comments. We have repeated time and again and again that Kay Allen has not been charged with a crime. If she hasn't been charged, then she hasn't been convicted; hence, there is no jail time or probation time to serve.

District Attorney Ashley Wright is taking her sweet ole time in convening a grand jury and presenting evidence. One thing working against her is the poor wording of the law. A conviction will be far from a slam dunk. Allen could easily walk. My money is on the position that Ashley Wright will not press charges. The law is too vague.

Now the IRS, that is another matter. I'll wager that there was some income tax evasion in the Allen household throughout the years.