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Chairman's newsletter is beneficial to public

Posted: February 26, 2014 - 12:10am

Dear editor,

(In regard to Mary Snead’s Feb. 9 letter to the editor,) the Columbia County monthly newsletter, which is included in our water utility statements, has been one of the most beneficial uses of funds in our area. Yes, Ron Cross’s letter addressed the situation of the Tax Commissioner “this time”. However, it addressed how the commission is or not involved; what steps are being taken to correct the issue and who would be involved in an unbiased way.

This “newsletter” has also addressed a breakdown in your water bill; “SPLOST” funds and how they are used; building codes in a community growing by leaps and bounds, and interaction of local government just to name a few.

Ms. Snead, “yes” Ron Cross is our commissioner, but I cannot think of a better source than the water utility bill to bring all of the Columbia County community informative, concise information about its governing body. You are the one making it a political issue.

Brenda Findlay, Martinez

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Little Lamb


Ms. Findlay, can you not see that the newsletter is campaign literature for the commission chairman? Can you not see that the campaign literature is paid for by water & sewer customers?

I have no objection to the bill insert if it were written by the head of the water & sewer utility.


Political advertising at taxpayers expense. Nothing more.

As for the helpful news, nothing was addressed concerning the foul water issue. The useless over sized glossy 8x10 and the useless over sized glossy bill are paid for by the RAIN TAX. Just as the useless sewer cannon truck presented at the marathon RAIN TAX expo. It now sits at the RAIN TAX "cathedral" on William Few.

The post card sized bill was sufficient to notify of charges and collect same.

CC leadership is "lost in self love and adoration". Collecting taxpayer money and build elaborate (not function) building to mirror their own egos.


A separate Ron Cross "the man and his life" magazine printed and

delivered at taxpayers expense would be great.


Did Ron just reinvent the Aiken County utility bill with his own

photo ?