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Why bother making resolutions you don't keep?

Posted: January 5, 2014 - 12:06am

Here we go again. Another new year with expectations of resolutions made. Another year of resolutions not kept because we always expect too much of ourselves.

I guess the most common promise is to lose weight. At least, that always seems to be one for me. I swear to myself, I swear to my doctor and I even swear at the grocery store. It never works. Oh, I might lose five or 10 pounds but, by the middle of summer, it’s all come back to stay on my lower half. Why do we even bother? Then the holidays are upon us again, and even more pounds appear. What to do, what to do.

Another resolution made is to get more exercise. Personally, I think the people that go to a gym every day are crazy. Of course, after all my back surgeries, I am unable to even walk very far. I have no sense of balance whatsoever. It just kills me, mainly because I am unable to hold my new grandchild unless I’m sitting down. I know I would drop him otherwise. It also makes it impossible for me to keep him for Tommy and Monique when needed. All you “gym people”, keep up what you’re doing. I don’t really think you’re crazy. I’m just jealous.

One resolution I definitely will keep is to be kinder to people in general. Sometimes I’m too quick to judge others before really getting to know them. Most of these people are in sales or waiters and waitresses in restaurants. I will probably never get to know them very well, but I can learn to hold my temper more and realize most of them are only doing their jobs.

A promise I make to myself every year is to organize and throw away half of the junk in my house. Either that or donate stuff to Goodwill. The problem with that is I’d probably go out and buy all new junk. That’s kind of defeating the purpose. I remember, when I was young, I’d always make fun of those little old ladies whose homes had knick-knacks covering every inch of the furniture. Now I’ve become one of those little (well, not so little) old ladies and it’s not funny anymore.

I would truly like to start saving money instead of throwing it away. This should be a part of the last resolution. I’m crazy when it comes to kitchen items. Not necessarily small appliances. I’m talking tablecloths, napkins, napkin rings, dishes and silverware. If I had my way, my kitchen table would be decorated differently every week. A new set of dishes and glasses. New everything. It sounds great but I’ve already carried it too far and wouldn’t be surprised if all my kitchen cabinet fell off the wall because of all the different dishes in them.

Wishes, wishes. It’s up to us to make them come true, but who cares? Here’s wishing you all a great 2014. May you have health and happiness all year.

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